Three Hour Coaching

Three Hour Coaching

by shelly

Three-Hour Business Strategy Session …. Results Guaranteed

You know working with a business coach is what you need, but you are worried about the value, time and cost.

This smart, savvy conversation will help you move from chaos to productivity, offer you real solutions to real challenges,
and bring you the wisdom to execute business results.

By probing these and other questions, you emerge with laser focus on your specific goals for your company.

Conversation Includes:

Commitment and Focus

We discover where you are and what you need to improve

  • What phase are you in regarding the evolution of your company?
  • What is your long-term vision for your business?
  • What is your business model? Your revenue model?


We discuss proven and effective strategies for obtaining your vision

  • Review your growth potential based on your current business model
  • Identify your target client and how you currently get your message to them
  • Discuss the most viable marketing and messaging strategies

Methods and Tactics

We agree upon specific, actionable steps to execute on your goals

  • Discuss our findings: situation summary and proposed approach
  • Document specific activities to be done and by whom
  • Determine time frames for means of tracking results

At The End Of The Three Phase Consultation You Will Emerge With A Clear Direction To Optimize Your Business Growth.


Book this three hours strategy session to focus on
what can be capitalized on, or improved with your business

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