About Shelly

About Shelly

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About Shelly

Shelly Berman-Rubera is an energetic entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience having started four businesses and coached hundreds of small business owners. Her expertise lies in her ability to recognize issues and problems that arise for small business owners on a daily basis. In a flash ,she can come up with an idea, a strategy, a tool, or a program, that will bring business results.

Shelly’s strengths include outstanding communication, collaboration, sales, and marketing skills. Her hallmark is her belief in people and their companies. By asking the right questions, she is able to create an experience that solidify s commitment to developing themselves and their businesses. Everyone from entrepreneurs to executives have benefited from her decisiveness and creative ideas. Shelly’s excellent speaking abilities, her credibility and motivational techniques have instilled great learning and change to businesses. Shelly’s clients describe her as “extremely supportive” and “committed to the success of her clients and audiences.”

Small Business Results works with the highest quality business professionals to bring you the skills and small business pricing. As a project manager I will address all of my clients business development needs.

Her Story

I grew up on a dead-end street with 35 other children in the neighborhood. I was social, athletic, competitive, and full of fun. I was a natural leader and often the team captain. I was more mature than others my age due to early life losses and the need to learn to be resilient. I loved dance, music, athletics, and learning.

When I was only 22, I knew that I was an entrepreneur. I had ambition, passion, experience in advising and leading others, and creative ideas for producing results. I started teaching dance classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education to pay for my college education. The classes that I offered were in such demand that I decided to open my own dance school,  At first, it was named ,”Shelly’s Disco Dance School” and then I expanded to “Shelly Berman School of Dance”, which I ran for nine years. It grew to be the second largest dance school in the city of Boston.

After I closed the dance school, I went to work for a racquetball club as Head of Member Sales. While I was there, I started training to compete as a bodybuilder, and turned that experience into a career by becoming one of the first Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Consultants on the East Coast. It was an amazing time during which I grew both personally and professionally. After 23 years and over 1,000 clients, I needed a new challenge. I realized that my true love was starting and growing businesses, so I became a Certified Business Coach and Emotional Intelligence Leader. I have been the President of SBR since 2004 and have worked with over 800 small business owners.

There is no smooth ride to business ownership or becoming an entrepreneur. I started my coaching business during a major downturn in the economy. My target clients were small business owners, and they simply had no money. I needed to prove my worth and be very creative in my sales and marketing approach. In addition to running the business, I was also single parenting and taking care of an aging parent. It was an extremely challenging time, but so exhilarating and rewarding as well!

SBR is a business coaching and marketing strategy company. I specialize in working with coaches, consultants and professional services. I developed a “6 Step” Strategic Framework that guides business owners through a process to run their businesses more effectively and increase revenue. I have an established reputation for being smart, experienced and revenue-driven.

I am very proud of my ability to help clients obtain fast results and set up business systems and strategies that are repeatable and sustainable. My experience with a wide range of clients and my powerful, decisive  teaching and presentation style allow me to coach, consult, teach, and execute with powerful impact.

Three of my top coaching offerings are:

One to One Consultations:  These two-hour sessions results in great strides.

Group Coaching: These sessions have on going start dates and can be customized to your business and be delivered on site.

Keynote Presentations:  These presentations drive performance and can be customized

I love small business and look forward to working with you!

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