We will start by truly understanding your challenges in your business.

We’ll get specific about your commitments, to ensure that everything in your business keeps you moving toward your desired outcomes. We’ll strategize together to create benchmarks to reach immediate steps forward.

We’ll develop plans that move your business toward your vision

and inspire you, or you and your team. You’ll have specific action plans to follow so that you can see your progress, and periodic sessions with me will keep you accountable for continuing to develop and keeping up the momentum.

We will work together to customize solutions for your business.

We’ll create systems and procedures that will ensure that cash flow is more regular and your business runs more effectively.

You’ll learn strategies for communicating

that will transform your marketing efforts as well as you’re existing or potential relationships, and you’ll learn to identify and foster your strengths. You’ll learn how to better delegate and use your leverage to free you up to perform the ‘higher value’ tasks in the business.

You don’t have to give up taking care of your clients to manage or market effectively.

In fact, sacrificing one of these essentials can spell disaster for your business. To truly develop a high value business, you’ve got to have strong management, great marketing, and excellent business development skills and client service. I’ll show you how to put all four together to make your business into everything you want it to be.

I stay with you through implementation.

Some consultants will give you a ‘prescription’ or tell you what to do, but don’t tell you how to do it, or help you do it. If you prefer, I’ll stay with you to make sure it’s working, and to show you how to make adjustments as time moves on. You get the best of both consulting and coaching.

My goal is to transfer skills to you.

Although I stay with you through implementation of the project, my focus is on teaching you strategies to make your business work better, so that you can learn to take charge of your business and your marketing, even after our relationship has ended.

You can expect to be challenged

and to hear things, sometimes, that you don’t want to hear. You can expect that I’ll stay ‘on top of’ you to get you to keep moving toward your goals. Like an athletic coach, I’ll push you to find your limits and surpass them.

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What Small Business Results Clients Are Saying

Shelly presented a lot of information, highly beneficial information, in a strategic, concise, and fun way. I left the presentation with a full to-do list of things to get my business where it needs to be. I’ve spent years doing work growing my work my work load.

Erin Sweeney

It’s not easy but I learned today that its so important to set new goals every 30 days and to set boundaries. It’s wonderful to realize my focus and concerns are not unique and can be addressed. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just understand who you are and what you want.

Amanda Griffith