SBR Trainings

SBR Trainings

by shelly

Small Business Results

This program helps business owners gain clarity about their methods for building their business. This strategic approach will provide systems and structure to move forward.

As a result, you will:

  • Learn a proven revenue formula that can be used across all your business development issues.
  • See how this framework impacts day to day challenges.
  • Be able to grow as a business owner as well as create organization and growth.

Winning Sales

This program helps sales people and teams obtain improved results when prospecting, generating new business, and closing sales.

As a result, you will:

  • Learn actionable ideas and techniques
  • Obtain a straightforward approach to acquiring new business
  • Understand the fundamentals of consultative selling
  • Learn how to stand out in the marketplace from your comptetion

Winning Negotiations

This program will help owners and teams gain the skills needed to engage and impact their desired outcomes when negotiating toward an agreements.

As a result, you will:

  • Learn the value of “Yes”
  • Obtain the power of “No”
  • Understand the fundamentals of decision making
  • Gain an understanding of emotion-based versus logic based decision making

Winning Presentations

This program gives teams the skills to create greater connection and communication with their audience, and generate new or repeat business.

As a result, you will:

  • Learn to speak with authenticity
  • Command your audience
  • Communicate with greater impact
  • Move your audience to action

SBR Business Development Training and Coaching

These highly customized training sessions integrate your services or products. The intent of the programs is
to be able to 
create focus, performance, and accountable results.

Each training includes:

  • Product or service integration
  • Pre-planning evaluation
  • Handouts
  • Post planning evaluation

When you want your team to operate at its highest level, bring in SBR business development training and coaching!

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