Business Model Mapping


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Product Description

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who is serious about creating a big picture that translates into a real life business revenue model?

Get ready for the most exciting 3 hour business development journey you will find.  Join SBR to Map Your Business Model!

During this time frame you with the SBR team to get a new perspective of your business model, ensure viability and create a clear path to revenue. The program includes one three hour in-person session, one follow up 60-minute phone or in person consultation.

Using a technique called a strategy canvas, we will create a visual business model which will define, organize, and communicate your identity and marketing strategy. Perfect for getting your entire company on the same page!

Program includes:

  • a strategy map showing you visually how you will grow your business in 2015
  • a framework for turning these big-picture ideas into implementation
  • energy and commitment to your revenue generating model
  • a tool which can be used for your marketing, messaging and meetings to tell your story and get everyone in your company moving toward the same goal: growing your business

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