How is Sales in Business Like Strength Training?

by shelly

How is Sales in Business Like Strength Training?

by shelly

by shelly
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Case Study:

A photographer, an organizer, and a realtor are all known in the business world as independent professionals.  They’re all passionate about what they do, but the one thing they hate to do is to sell.   In each case they are complaining about a lack of revenue, but when asked what they are doing for sales, there are one of three responses:

“Sales, I hate that part.”

“I’ll sell when my website or marketing collateral is updated.”

“If and when I sell, I have a hard time collecting.”

We incorporated the SBR system called SDDC.  The SDDC system is a 30-day system of accountability.  This includes selling, developing, delivering, and collecting for the next 30 days and every 30 days thereafter.  Each of these independent professionals were held accountable for making at least two sales calls per day “no matter what.”  They had to evaluate how much time they were spending on:

Development (e.g. developing a website, developing content)

Delivering their product or service

Incorporating a system for pricing and payment.

The Outcome:
At the end of the 30-day period, each of these business owners went from 0 sales calls to 40 sales calls in the 30-day time frame.  They started to control the amount of time spent on development and made more time for selling, and as a result, spent more time on delivery of their product or service.  In the end, they were booking clients, getting deposits, invoicing and increasing sales and revenue.

If you are looking to create a system of discipline to build your sales power and business, I can help you!

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