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Shelly Berman-Rubera is the business development expert that can give you the tools to propel your business TODAY!

Looking For A Keynote Speaker To Present At Your Next Business Event?

Planning a workshop, seminar or training session and want a small business, entrepreneurial expert that can engage your audience to grow as business owners committed to business development?

Shelly Berman-Rubera’s excellent speaking abilities, her credibility and motivational techniques have instilled great knowledge and change to businesses. Audience members have described Shelly as being “extremely supportive,” and “instinctively attuned and committed to the success of her clients and audiences.”  Shelly was named one of the top ten executive coaches by Boston Women’s Business. She was recently nominated for the 2010 and 2011 Celebration of Excellence Award for Entrepreneur of the Year sponsored by Enterprise Bank.  If you need a speaker at your next event or training, give us a call!

Entrepreneurial Groups

An entrepreneur is defined by Merriam-Webster as some“[one] who organizes, manages, and assumes, the risks of a business enterprise.” Having been an entrepreneur and having taken on risk herself, Shelly has made it her mission to provide entrepreneurs with the systems and tools needed to cut the curve of learning and reduce the risks inherent in starting and operating a small business.

Independent Professional Associations

Shelly is highly sought after as a speaker for independent professional associations because she is able to provide them with tools and resources that they can use to grow their businesses today. She brings an energy, enthusiasm and humor to her speaking engagements and has been recognized as a top presenter at the area’s largest business expo and with other professional associations and groups.

College Speaker

Shelly Berman-Rubera has experience working with college students and delivering presentations to entrepreneurial minded undergraduate and graduate students. Today, many of the best and brightest students in America are no longer counting on big business to provide employment, and instead, they are interested in starting their own businesses or collaborating with other entrepreneurs to do the same. As an entrepreneur that has started four businesses herself, Shelly brings hands-on learning to colleges and universities that want to provide resources for this segment of their student body. She has presented programs at the top entrepreneurial schools in the country and is highly sought in the academic community for her ability to relate real-world learning to students and entrepreneurs alike.

Prior Speaking Engagements

  • Center for Women and Enterprise Leadership Conference
  • National Association For International Appraisers
  • National Association for Asian American Professionals
  • The New England Boomers and Seniors EXPO
  • Constant Contact
  • Babson College
  • Massachusetts Association of Realtors
  • CIO Global
  • Omgeo
  • The Bulfinch Group
  • Coldwell Banker Brokerage
  • Prudential Financial
  • New England Business XPO 2010 and 2011
  • Boston Rotary
  • Society of Professional Consultants
  • Boston Women Connect
  • eWomen Network
  • Newton/Needham Chamber
  • New England Women Business Owners
  • Educational Travel Conference
  • Combined Jewish Philanthropy
  • International Council, Massachusetts Association of Realtors

Possible Speaking Topics

  • 6 Steps to Small Business Results
  • Commit to Yourself and Business Success
  • Focused Daily Business Results
  • Differentiating Yourself & Market Your Business
  • Creating Effective Business Relationships
  • Managing the Emotional Side of Business
  • Accountability + Commitment = Success
  • 3P Power – Building Personal, Professional and Physical Power
  • Beyond The Passion
  • At the Heart of Performance…Emotional Intelligence
  • Winning Sales
  • Winning Negotiations
  • Winning Presentations

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