Concept to Customer

Concept to Customer

by shelly

Concept to Customer

You know you are good at what you do, but it is challenging to be heard or found
or stand out in this competitive marketplace.

You know you need a new or updated web-site but fail to find the proper messaging, positioning, content, strategy or time to get this accomplished.

This coaching program will help you to articulate your brand and offering in a way that compels your audience to engage with you and lead you to more prospect interactions and more clients.

We go through a process that will be utilized on your web-site
and will filter across all your marketing efforts!

We will:

  • Identify your buying client
  • Understand what they need
  • Articulate your brand and offerings with clarity
  • Ensure that your solutions fit the needs of the buyer
  • Create specific calls to actions that tell the prospects what to do to buy now

As a result of this coaching you will receive a framework/outline ready for the rest of the content to be inserted.

I will work with you, partner with your web-designer or you can work with my web-designer to swiftly move you from Concept to Customer.

Whether you need a new web-site or
need to update and want more clients...