A Successful Business Is Run By An Ordinary Person Who Makes Extraordinary Choices

The Case Study:

In the day to day of running a business, we are faced with decisions, dilemmas, and desires.  Often, we start the day with the best of intentions, yet along the way we are derailed and find ourselves being much less productive than we planned. The calls from home, the emails coming in, getting lost on the internet, let alone the printer going wacky in the middle of a project, and on and on. It can be very difficult to stay on task.

The Outcome:

When people, situations, and distractions arise, and they do, we only have one way to cope. The answer lies in choice. We choose how we respond to each situation via thought and emotion. There is a direct and complex connection between emotion, behavioral patterns, and bottom line performance.

It is often believed that we need to keep emotion out of the workplace. But the reality is making good choices is being able to perceive the emotions that come up in a given situation. Research has shown that our ability to handle stress and conflict by connecting thought and emotion is called emotional intelligence, and having that ability leads to much greater potential for success. The emotional intelligence skill around choice is known as Consequential Thinking. When we have the strength and the ability to stop and clearly look and decide what our best choice is and follow that with an action, with a clear understanding of the outcome of that choice. Even if we decide to continue to be distracted if we realize the outcome of our choice of behavior.

Choice → Action → Outcome

emotional intelligenceStop and determine what do you really want to happen right now? Ask yourself these questions before you act:

  • Is this an act of productivity or self-sabotage?
  • Will this choice move me toward my “want” or take me away?
  • Will this choice bring me short- or long-term good feelings?
  • Does this choice honor who I am or does it please another?

Choice is our most precious Gift. The fact is your future is determined by the choices you make right now. It is when we get caught in old behaviors and patterns that our choices are made either from pure emotion, which does not work or by complete thinking, which also does not work. It is by connecting the heart (feeling) with the head (thinking) that will lead us too far better consequences. The power to make a choice is our most precious gift. The fact is your future is determined by the choices you make right now.  Choose your actions carefully because your actions become your habits!

Life is great, and life is challenging, I get it!

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