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Small Business Results

About SBR

Small Business Results is a boutique-style coaching business. Shelly works with a limited number of clients at a time.

Methodology  –  Strategic Planning Framework

The methodology incorporates her proprietary 6 Step Framework. This unique approach to the strategic business planning process is derived from real-life business experience. It is based on Shelly’s own experience of starting four companies and from working with multi-generations of business owners, from startups to businesses that have been in operation for a number of years.

Approach – Business Strategy Process

I determine what we need to do to bring in revenue right now. Whether you need to improve the way you run your business, your messaging, product or service, program development, go-to-business model strategy or are looking for someone to devise and/or implement a 21st-century marketing campaign, SBR is here to help you with a business development strategy framework that will grow your revenue quickly.

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Shelly Berman Rubera - Business Strategy Coach

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