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My commitment is to move you from chaos to productivity, offer you real solutions to real challenges, and bring you the wisdom to execute small business results.

Read testimonials from previous clients below.

Two Hour Coaching Testimonials

“You might think that you’re just having a conversation with Shelly. But as quickly as you can express your issues, she’s identifying your sticking points and coming up with solutions.”

Nancy Wolff Leary

“Shelly has the magic touch for recharging your batteries, getting momentum and helping you stay focused on the results that matter most. If you want creative ideas for growing your business and a no-nonsense approach, then you only have one call to make, Shelly!”

Mark Adams, Life Coach and Author

“SBR has been instrumental in helping me get crystal clear on my target market and how to best present my brand. In the space of 2 hours we are able to accomplish what would normally take months for me to create and implement on my own. If you want a partner to help you find opportunity in this market, do not walk…run!…to SBR!”

Kate Harlowe, Independent Professional/Sales

One-to-One Coaching Testimonials

“Working with SBR is the best investment you can make to grow your business quickly and sustainably. Her analysis of where you can make improvements is generally spot on, and her advice is both practical and achievable. I’ve known Shelly for many years, and I continue to be in awe of her drive and success in whatever she undertakes.”

Andy Willinger, Consultant

“Having worked with Shelly for over a year now, the results are in. Words such as outstanding, remarkable, valuable, engaging, fantastic. all come to mind. We started out with no marketing and no way to contact our customers electronically, and now with regular newsletters, and specials, we are growing and expanding. Thank you Shelly, for all the awesome work and ideas”

John Diianni, Technician

“Shelly understands modern business development strategies and can communicate these ideas better than anyone else I know. I have seen firsthand her ability to jump start a variety of businesses and get them on track to visibility and profitability. Shelly is an indispensable resource, and I highly recommend her.”

Michael Mason, Attorney

“After working as an associate chiropractor for three years, I had finally taken the step to go out on my own. After doing rigorous research and interviewing other colleagues who had done the same, I felt I was ready and prepared to undergo this task. I could not have been more wrong. There were many obstacles and unforeseen challenges along the way, and it wasn’t until I met Shelly Berman-Rubera of Small Business Results that I had a plan, and everything fell into place. Shelly was not only able to quickly save me thousands of dollars and headaches in my process of working with an inadequate web-designer but was able to rectify the situation using her extensive business network instantly. Shelly was able to create the Concept for my practice and write the copy for the home page in one session. She was able to get me a professional website built within ten days and one that I feel proud of my prospect and clients to see. In my opinion, her biggest strength is her communication skills – she was able to produce verbiage for any scenario I threw at her, from sales calls to creating my signature presentation and presenting skills. Her network is extensive, and she was able to set me up with the highest integrity and skilled resources for SEO optimization, marketing strategies, and much more. Shelly single-handedly built my entire business approach in record time.   I am beyond grateful for everything she and her team have done for me when I was in an emergency, and time was of necessity. I would recommend Shelly to anyone for any business venture. She has more than 40 years of experience in the coaching and consulting industry, and her network is invaluable. Her vision, energy, and knowledge have me on the right trajectory. I have only known Shelly personally for seven weeks now and, after one week, knew I had found a business coach, a life coach, and a lifetime friend. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and the satisfaction of her clients is her number one priority. Shelly gets results!”

Dr. Sam Riley

“When I first met Shelly, my business was nowhere near where it is today and, more importantly, what it will continue to grow towards. I own a small business incorporating my career as a Physical Therapist and my passion for exercising and helping people move better. In the beginning, I had no structure for payment, no brand, and, most importantly, no systems that would allow me to properly manage the caseload and continuing to make sure the business is profitable. She has guided me through the process of attaining a professional website, payment structure, and developed a solid brand and marketing strategy that will continue to grow the business going forward. It’s been seven weeks of working with her, what have you learned and been able to accomplish? I learned the systems that need to be in place, becoming laser-focused on mission statement and goals, and, most importantly, the direction in terms of finding my niche and develop a structured plan to continue to grow going forward. She was an integral part, not only in the execution, but the creative influence in developing my brand name, image, and sources for additional revenue. She pushes me to maintain high standards for myself, and most importantly, holds me accountable to make sure I am doing everything in the best interest of my business. What should someone choose to work with Shelly Berman-Rubera? The passion that she has for her craft is evident from the first time you meet with Shelly. She lays the meetings out in a very organized and systematic way. She has many short cuts through her years of helping small businesses that were extremely valuable for me. She takes the time and really cares about the successes, which makes it a great partnership. I would highly recommend Shelly for anyone looking to grow a small business, gain more revenue, and help create the systems needed for maximizing the business’s potential.”

LIC PT Shawn Sprague

Group Coaching/Training Testimonials

“Taking Shelly’s group coaching was the best marketing decision I made since opening my own law firm. Shelly’s program is a must for anyone starting a small business with no previous business degree or experience. Shelly is amazing in her ability to pinpoint what each member of the group needs. Her six-step program should be taught in all law schools a prerequisite for all lawyers interested in hanging out their shingle. She has given me the tools and confidence to think as a business woman and chart out a path to make my practice a success.”

Robin Fleischer, Attorney

“In this program I learned that relationship building and having specific verbiage for questions was very helpful. Going forward, framing my language will assist me in getting the answers I want. My biggest takeaway was that I need to soften my approach by rearranging the order of my call agenda.”

Kimberly Brooks, Negotiator – Grand Circle Travel

“I really enjoyed the ideas and coaching from Shelly, especially regarding call control, time management and how to approach establishing a relationship with prospective clients who are the right fit to work with us. My biggest takeaway was learning how to create a differentiating statement that is clear, concise and compelling to use with prospective client.”

Michelle Estee, Sales Agent – Grand Circle Travel

“The program offers a thorough, comprehensive framework for business success. The program was very helpful in making me take a close look at my business strengths and weaknesses. The framework provided meaningful materials for me to address my business weaknesses and to highlight my business strengths. The group setting was empowering and inspiring.”

Mary, Health Care Provider

“I HIGHLY recommend this program. Shelly is exceptional at what she does. She has the keen ability to hone in as people talk, ask targeted questions, and as a result offer eye-opening feedback. It is almost magical to watch her in action! Time and time again, she would say one simple statement and each of us would have an “ah-ha!” moment.”

Patrick, Life Coach

“In my opinion, this program is a fantastic deal. The tools Shelly offers in terms of business structure, processes and practices are a goldmine. And, these strategies and solutions are easily applicable to any stage of business development; it is a timeless investment.”

Paul, Financial Advisor

“Shelly is an engaging personality who brings her years of experience, her wisdom, and her spot-on intuition and insights to each and every person. She has mastered leading a group while also targeting the needs of each individual. Shelly’s strategies are clear and concise, as well as easy to implement. Most of all- she cares- truly cares about her clients and their success.”

Frances, Executive Coach

Speaking Testimonials

“Great presentation! I have a new outlook for how to address the issue of who and how to reach my market!”

Dianne Moustafa, Founder

“Shelly delivered tools to focus on organization for independent professionals who are looking to build their book of business effectively and efficiently.”

Ken Platter, Aflac Special Projects Coordinator

“This presentation was very engaging and Shelly was able to link all of her points and methods to our specific business.”

David Flaharty, Insurance Agent

“Thank you for laying out the foundation and framework to succeed in small business. Focus, commitment and accountability are the three take always that I plan to implement in my everyday work.”

Nora Simonian, Pioneer Financial Group

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