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Running a Small Business is a Labor of Love

The Small Business Challenge:

The challenge that exists for most of us as small business owners is waiting for the return of our hard work in business results. We often feel that there is a huge gap linking effort and return.

You’re not alone if you feel as though your daily efforts don’t produce immediate results.   We’ve all experienced the frustration of thinking we are doing all of the right things at the right time and yet, we are not quite there. The simple truth is, entrepreneurship is a lengthy process filled with trial and tribulations. Therefore, many business owners are frustrated and exhausted and might even be a breaking point in business. In some ways it is harder than ever to find the right paths to success, but with knowledge, strategy and faith we can reap the results we are looking for!

The Small Business Solution:

It is imperative to work smarter, not harder, to achieve your end results. I believe the prerequisite to “hard work is even harder choices.”

Hard work is less discouraging when you tackle four areas:

1: Improve Your Attitude: How do you perceive hard work? If you feel defeated, you’ve lost the battle before you’ve even begun.

2: Make Deliberate Choices: Everything starts with a definitive choice.  Keep in mind the term consequential thinking; choice, action, outcome.  Every single choice of your behavior or activity leads you to action and a desired outcome or not!

3: Create Effective Habits: It is crucial to keep your vision and strategy in front of you for obtaining the results via your daily habits to produce long-term results.

4: Execute Relentlessly: In order to grow you need help, systems, and procedures to meet daily goals. Learning to delegate each system to an internal or external support will free you up to do what you do best! 

work smarter, not harder - small business tips

The Result:

Hard work isn’t always attractive because at times you’d rather spend it doing other things and we can get worn down.

I say the trick is to always focus on how far you have come and not at how far you need to go!

All things considered, your labor of love will produce results. And when your “love” appears to be more “laborious” than you hoped, think of this:

A labor of love may appear to be out of reach, but run steady, produce it anyway and eventually your hard work will pay off.

We are here to help you! The team at SBR is able to cut your curve of learning, develop systems and strategies for you or us to execute.

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The speed at which we can address and solve your internal issues or your digital chaos will propel your success.

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Small Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants are often great at what they do but…


Small Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants are often great at what they do, but find it very challenging to set aside the time to learn or implement systems that effectively build their businesses. Time, energy and money are our most limiting resources and where to connect and learn within a budget are often the challenges that go unanswered.

Group Coaching

Business coaching in small groups is a true accelerator of the insights and learning process of the coachee and the group as a whole. When you work with others, you have the opportunity to be constantly sharing ideas and gaining valuable additional outside perspective. You will be amazed, sometimes even the simplest question can spark an informative and collaborative discussion giving you a treasure load of free insight, ideas, and possible solutions you might never have thought of on your own.

In the group, we are able to clarify, “What work has to be done and we address it!”.

The truth is that interactive learning and support are the keys to success.

group coaching - interactive learning - business success

Another benefit of Group Coaching is the opportunity to meet new people who truly learn about you and your business and therefore are more like to be able to refer you or use your services themselves!

Often, group coaching participants continue to coach each other as accountability partners as you take the skills you learn in the group and continue to maximize them on your own. There’s no doubt that when we work within a group we want to show up doing our best each session while we strive toward reaching our potential.

Need more reasons to work with a business coach?

A 2009 International Coach Federation (“ICF”) global study revealed, among other things:
• Individual clients reported a median return of 3.44 times their investment.
• 82.7% of individuals who have experienced professional coaching report being “very satisfied” with their coaching experience.
• 96.2 % of individuals said they would repeat their coaching experience given the same circumstances.

Outcomes attributed to coaching:

• 67.6% higher level of self-awareness
• 62.4% smarter goal-setting
• 60.5% more balanced life
• 57.1% lower stress levels
• 52.9% self-discovery
• 52.4% more self-confidence
• 43.3% improvement in quality of life
• 39.5% enhanced communication skills
• 35.7% project completion
(read more about these statistics on the International Coach Federation website)

The benefit you may find particularly attractive is that Group Coaching is an incredibly affordable proposition. The more like-minded people you get together who are all striving toward a common goal, the more exponential the group benefits.

Group Coaching Sessions Starting Soon

Small-group coaching programs are now forming in Mansfield, Salem, and Newton. The number of candidates has been limited (8) to provide optimal sharing amongst attendees. It is my intent that each business owner will receive individualized attention to identify what they need in order to build their business. This 4-month program, based upon the “6 Steps to Small Business Results” strategic framework, guarantees to provide you with systems, support, and strategies needed in today’s business world.

Our goal is that these hands-on activity-based workshops will help you create commitment, focus, communication and accountability to help you stand out in the marketplace.

• Each of the 4 workshops in the monthly series will be 3 hours.
• There’s an 8-person maximum to ensure that each of the participants gets the attention they require to develop their comprehensive business success plan.
• Registrants must commit to all 4 of the workshops.
Participants receive 1-hour phone coaching or document review per month.

Learn more about these small group training opportunities.

It’s proven that when business owners connect and work together within my proven framework for development and marketing, the owners and their revenues grow.

Let’s get started.

Contact me today to find out how the Business Development Small-Group Training Sessions will benefit your business growth.

Feedback from recent business development small-group coaching sessions:

“Shelly is exceptional at what she does. She has the keen ability to hone in as people talk, ask targeted questions, and as a result offer eye-opening feedback. It is almost magical to watch her in action! Time and time again, she would say one simple statement and each of us would have an “ah-ha!” moment.”

“Shelly brings her years of experience, her wisdom, and her spot on intuition and insights to each and every person. She has mastered leading a group while also targeting the needs of each individual. Shelly’s strategies are clear and concise, as well as easy to implement. Most of all- she cares- truly cares about her clients and their success.”

“Shelly is an engaging personality who brings her years of experience, her wisdom, and her spot on intuition and insights to each and every person. She has mastered leading a group while also targeting the needs of each individual.”

If two heads are still better than one, imagine what a roomful of 8 business owners and an experienced business and marketing coach can accomplish together!

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From Chaos to Prioritization: Move the energy in your business forward now

Case Study:

A highly skilled consultant was feeling very challenged with tasks that she completes for her clients but couldn’t seem to get done for herself. She was also offered other opportunities to take for her business and while they seemed enticing, it was more huge decisions to make.  When there is so much at stake and so much to do, we go into  a “brain fog”-like place and simply need to sort out what is the next best move and what to prioritize.

The Outcome:

After a two hour consultation, we were able to establish the most important tasks to accomplish and we took a good long look at what the big decision would look like. After three weeks, I sent an email to check in and here was her response:
“I’ve been busy –
Updated LinkedIn profile
New Facebook Public page (Have established schedule for posting regularly)
Closed a new client.
Working on requesting references and referrals from current clients.
Have decided to stay with xxxxx for now. The financial security of the base pay + travel expenses gives me the comfort level to pursue private clients more aggressively.
Still need to settle on a website template.
Adopted your practices as –
Task sheets to track my progress with clients, time sheets for that work, proposal and agreement all in one.
I’m feeling good about things! “


As a business coach, could I ask for anything more? 

Sometimes it can just be so helpful to have an intelligent conversation about one’s business to get specific about your commitments, to ensure that everything in your business is moving toward your desired outcomes.


How do YOU focus to attain your priorities?

Are you ready to make your wave roll in?

Call or email Shelly.
Together we will strategize to create benchmarks to reach immediate steps forward.
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from chaos to prioritization
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Why You Should Set Up Your Email Signature Today

There Are Many Things We Do Not Get Around To –
Setting Up Your Email Signature Should Not Be One Of Them

Case Study:

To stop and make an electronic introduction takes time to construct. When we have to go looking for the person’s contact information and it is not in the email signature, we have to search for it. In some cases, it just can’t happen. That’s not fun!

The Outcome:

Setting up an email signature is one of those “I’ll get around to it later” tasks, but it’s worth your while for several reasons, as it:
Serves as a free marketing tool for anyone you are reaching out or responding to
Makes it easy for others to find and get in contact with you
Is professional and shows that you are serious about running your business
It may be tempting to go offer too much when you create your email signature, providing links to your every presence on the web, but you should be careful not to go overboard!

Focus on the basics:

  • Your name
  • Logo
  • An easy way for people to contact you, such as your phone number or email address
  • The name of your company (along with a link) and your title within the company

Clarity and simplicity are important when it comes to your email signature. Be cautious about adding too many lines of text or links to your email signature as it can be very overwhelming to your email recipients. Try the Wisestamp tool to help you build a clean signature with unobtrusive icons linking out to your social media sites.

Be sure to also add your signature to your phone, iPad and other devices that you use to communicate.

I hope the benefits of using an email signature will motivate you to take a few minutes this week to create an email signature or clean up your existing one. It’s free, easy, and creates consistency and connectivity in all your email communications.

It is our job to notice and know the little and big things for effective business building.

Want to know more?
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create an email signtaure

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Develop A Concept & Differentiation Before Marketing

Case Study:

When you begin to build your business and your marketing collateral you’re faced with a number of challenges, problems, and obstacles. The obstacle that is the greatest, and that the rest actually rely upon, is your ability to communicate effectively what you do and who you do it with.
You are faced with this challenge every day when you pick up the phone. It determines whether you are able to get the conversation, which leads to the meeting, which leads to the sale. We are running around killing ourselves to determine the best vehicle for marketing but the truth is, until we develop the right concept, how to differentiate and how to articulate this, we are stumped!

What is a business concept?

A business concept is an idea for a business that includes basic information such as the service or product, the target demographic, and a unique selling proposition that gives a company an advantage over competitors.

The Outcome:

When you position yourself by concept instead of by titles or products and services, you have the opportunity to create a strategic approach for connecting with prospects and thus, selling more.
The way to look at this is to identify and focus on the outcomes of your work and what happens when customers work with you. Once this is accomplished, you will write it on your marketing collateral, your website or when you’re introducing yourself to any individual or group and yes on the phone!
How you communicate who you work with and what they can expect for outcomes is the easiest way to position yourself by concept.
differentiating statement for small business marketing
When you can answer this simple question in a succinct and concise way that attracts more conversation and, therefore, more prospects, you will be able to create a deeper level of connection with your prospects and customers.
The goal is to get to the “How” conversation – “How do you do that?” Or – “Would you like me to tell you how I do that?”
It’s not easy, in fact, it may be the hardest thing you will do in your business.
Here are some tips for creating an effective differentiating statement:
  • Use simple eighth-grade language.
  • Don’t recite a slogan or a tagline. Really tell people who it is you work with and what it is you do .
  • Attract someone into a conversation that covers just how you do that.
  • Your differentiating statement focuses on what pain points people have and how working with you will address a solution-based outcome.

Learn How the SBR SIGNATURE OFFERING can move you from where you are today to a more strategic future!

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The SBR Signature Offering

Imagine What You Accomplish With SBR By Youclosing the gap from where you are to where you want to go in business

The SBR Signature Offering

We help you with what is truly needed to succeed in business today:

This package includes:

  • ~ 2 hours business coaching
  • ~ Digital evaluation and delivery of a 4-6 page Business Concept/Business Model Development and Marketing Evaluation and Strategic Approach”
  • ~ 1.5 hour presentation and discussion/coaching session.

We look at the questions and challenges that must be answered!

Market Need:

Determining market need means understanding that something is missing in the market and something you believe the market needs at this time and where the opportunity for your idea lies.

Why You:

Offering a business product or service, why you are the person to make it happen.

Why Your Offering:

Why should anyone buy your product instead of something, or someone else? Identify your unique attributes.

Business Model:

Creating a business model that determines how are you going to make the money. What’s going to bring in the revenue? How do you build and grow?

Business Concept:

Creating a business concept sentence that captures the essence of your product or service and opens the door for conversations and meetings.

Competitive Analysis:

Being sure you understand your competition, understanding it’s a competitive marketplace and what and who is out there will help you determine how to rise above the rest and stand out

Right Fit Marketing:

How do we spread the word about your business? How are you showing up? Which are the right marketing strategies and platforms for you to be seen, including your website and how does it really reflect you when people arrive upon it?  This includes a through digital investigation: addressing why your website brings you nothing, how to make your email effective, what is happening with your social platforms, what needs to be done and how you are showing up on the internet.

Get Started Today!

Call Shelly now at 617-201-7224 or email:


<Download a printable version of the SBR Signature Offering>


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The Small Business Results Digital Marketing Package

digital marketing strategySmall Business Results will conduct a thorough investigation to understand where your company stands in its current digital marketing presence.

We understand that the most critical marketing tool you have is taking a good look at your own industry, assessing the effectiveness of your database, website, email marketing and social platforms and from there, creating a strategic approach.

The result of this investigation is a 3-page report outlining the significant areas such as website accessibility, SEO, links, and social media profiles. This report can then be used to develop a step-by-step, strategic plan for a comprehensive digital marketing program.

Once you assess what you have in place , then you can go to the next step. Then, tool by tool you can create an effective, strategic messaging and marketing approach!

Learn about the Small Business Results Signature Offering.

Schedule your digital marketing assessment today.

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It Is Never One Marketing Tool!

Case Study:

Marketing a business in today’s competitive landscape and ever-changing tools is daunting. I hear business owners’ desperate cries for the answers to these challenges:

  • My web-site brings me nothing
  • My email marketing is ineffective
  • I have no idea which social platforms to post on
  • And my database is a mess
  • And how do I standout???

Incredibly, too often, when asked the questions, “how do you stay in front of your past clients or current prospects?”, business owners are too busy “working” and have not paid attention to obtaining a strategic approach to their messaging or means of communication that connects to, engages and keeps their audience engaged.

The questions remain the same, whether you have fifty or 5000 people in your database, how will you reach them?

How do you deliver your message and create and maintain visibility, value and be top of mind with your current or prospective clients?

The Outcome:

The most critical marketing tool you have is taking a good look at your own industry, assessing the effectiveness of your database, website, email marketing and social platforms and from there, creating a strategic approach.


Once you assess what you have in place, then you can go to the next step. Then, tool by tool, you can create an effective, strategic messaging and marketing approach!

By signing up for the SBR Digital Marketing Package you can create a strategic approach to building your brand online and obtaining the answers to those challenges!

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In Order To Be Interesting, You Must Be Interested

Case Study:

Too often in the effort to build relationships or close sales, the eagerness to sell the product or service comes before a true understanding of the potential client’s needs or wants. A few common frustrations and issues many small business owners and entrepreneurs face are 1. They have trouble getting in the door. 2. It looks like a deal and then something happens. 3. They often hear the prospect say “sounds good, but we have no money now.” In order to develop trust and success, we must invest time in the process of asking the right questions.

The Outcome:
With a little practice, you can approach a prospect or client in a conversation that will enable you to get them to give you information to allow you to create a specific solution that goes beyond their expectations. How? You can do this by going beyond the typical question that asks, “What are your greatest challenges?” or “What are your goals?” and by sincerely being interested in their process and their experience. Time and time again we see success when we can engage a prospect or current client in order to share their greatest successes. By engaging clients at that level you will enable yourself to determine how your product or service can be of value to them.
Let them talk and feel heard!

Do you have a series of questions you use to engage your clients or prospects?

be interesting - be interested

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How is Sales in Business Like Strength Training?

Repetition, repetition, repetition, discipline, discipline, discipline
Case Study:

A photographer, an organizer, and a realtor are all known in the business world as independent professionals.  They’re all passionate about what they do, but the one thing they hate to do is to sell.   In each case they are complaining about a lack of revenue, but when asked what they are doing for sales, there are one of three responses:

“Sales, I hate that part.”

“I’ll sell when my website or marketing collateral is updated.”

“If and when I sell, I have a hard time collecting.”

We incorporated the SBR system called SDDC.  The SDDC system is a 30-day system of accountability.  This includes selling, developing, delivering, and collecting for the next 30 days and every 30 days thereafter.  Each of these independent professionals were held accountable for making at least two sales calls per day “no matter what.”  They had to evaluate how much time they were spending on:

Development (e.g. developing a website, developing content)

Delivering their product or service

Incorporating a system for pricing and payment.

The Outcome:
At the end of the 30-day period, each of these business owners went from 0 sales calls to 40 sales calls in the 30-day time frame.  They started to control the amount of time spent on development and made more time for selling, and as a result, spent more time on delivery of their product or service.  In the end, they were booking clients, getting deposits, invoicing and increasing sales and revenue.

If you are looking to create a system of discipline to build your sales power and business, I can help you!