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Measure Your Success by Your Calls, Meetings and Sales

It’s been an interesting few weeks working as a business coach. It doesn’t seem to matter the industry, clients are having a very difficult time opening doors and getting accounts.  I realize there are three things that are most important to attract business:

1. You must have accurate messaging and positioning; how you talk about your business is too often very overwhelming and too verbose.  Is your marketing message reflected on your website? Most websites talk about the services provided, whereas the correct marketing message addresses the visitor’s challenges and makes them say “wow, that’s me!” They then see you as holding the solutions to their challenges.

2. Getting the conversation and making sure you are talking to the right person that actually needs what you offer.

3. Getting the meeting and starting to build the know, like and trust relationship that leads to sales.

The absolute three most important goals in building a business are getting the conversation, getting the meeting and obviously the third thing is to close some business!

The Case Study:

Networking and websites are essential marketing strategies for every business owner. Clients tell me all the time “I handed out 50 business cards and no one called me,” or “I went to that event and there was no one there to meet for my business.”  I have a website and it brings me nothing.” It is very important to have a clear strategy for selling and connecting to “right fit” contacts.  In order to do this it is equally important to understand the difference between networking, sales and building relationships. Too often we find that small business owners are more anxious to just make the sale before developing effective messaging, building rapport and trust and ensuring they are talking to a true potential lead who actually needs them.

The Outcome:

There are 3 major factors to keep in mind when seeking connections to potential clients/ customers.

1. Psychographics:  The client’s needs and wants match the solution, product or service you are selling.

2. Demographics:  This includes age, gender, location, and likes and dislikes.

3. Economics:  Can they pay for your services and/or products?

The real key to finding out if you are talking to the right person or are at the right event is to consider the factors above and to make sure you are not jumping in and talking about yourself and your services before you have these factors sorted out.

The more clarity you have about you own business and who you are looking to meet, the greater likelihood that you will either meet a “right fit” client or contact, or that your conversation will result in an introduction to a “right fit” client or contact.

Does your messaging attract buyers? Do you have a sales process for calling and obtaining “right fit meetings?”

Please let me know if I can help you with effective messaging and strategies to open doors and close sales!

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Yes, I Have An Addiction

I asked a friend, “What is wrong with me?” I work about 60 hours a week and then I read business books and I can’t seem to stop buying and reading them.

Her response, was well if you are going to be addicted, at least it a good addiction to have!”
Do you know, there is a new statistic that shows that only seven-in-ten American adults (72%) have read a book within the past year, whether in whole or in part and in any format? So sad!
I love to read; the learning, the distraction from other thoughts and feelings and I love the silence and stimulation that comes from reading.
Maybe over the holidays you will have some down time and you can enjoy one of my latest favorites.
  • Roar! Get Hears in the Sales and Marketing Jungle by Kevin Daum
  • 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall
  • Scaling Up by Verne Harnish
  • Disciplined Entrepreneurship
  • The Digital Marketer by Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson
Pick one up…I dare you!
Let me know if you do!
Shelly Berman-Rubera
Shelly Berman-Rubera, President of SBR-Small Business Results is an authentic, experienced communicator you will learn from. She provides guidance and solutions to run and build business.
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Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

So, you run your own business or are responsible for building your book of business.  The truth is, its grueling and exhilarating all that the same time.
Of course, the question is how do you get it all done and stay on track? After all, being licensed or certified or passionate about a subject is simply not enough in today’s world. There comes a point where lack of progress and overwhelm sets in. You can take yourself only so far without the help of others. It happens to all of us. The most important piece of stagnation is to not stay there very long and to seek the help you need.
The old paradigm for coaching is that the coaches’ job is to ask powerful question to the client with the belief that the clients hold the answers and we the coaches are to then facilitate the client in finding them.
Now enter the new paradigm and how a strategic framework and an experienced business coach can help. I believe business owners do want to be asked questions and they are seeking “answers, executable answers.” They want to be paid 100 percent dedicated attention to their challenges and their issues. A business coach is somebody who helps you move from where you are to where you want to be, and does so by solely focusing on you, the owner and your business.
In my experience , everyday starts out with greatest of intentions and opportunities and then the day to day distractions distract and impede progress. Nothing worse than starting over every day, week or month.
After all, you’ll never really know what you’re capable of until there’s someone to push you outside your comfort zone. Just ask any athlete or top performer. If a business coach is something you’ve thought about recently but aren’t quite sold on getting one yet, here are four reasons why you should:
1. To Have an Intelligent Conversation
Imagine spending time, simply brain dumping and discussing your business and leaving refocused, re energized and with specific strategies, ready to implement. Would that help your month? You bet it would!
2. To Explore New Ideas
Having a sounding board and an experienced ear to listen and bounce things off of is invaluable. By allowing allows the coach to facilitate your thoughts and ideas  we can create a strategic path.
3. To Be Accountable 
A coach serves as an incredible accountability partner who challenges you to strategize and prioritize your tasks while aligning your efforts toward achieving them.  What does it feel like to have someone in your corner who genuinely cares about your results and is dedicated to keeping you on track. ( it feels great)
4. To Receive Guidance and Solutions
A business coach will challenge your thinking, goals and willingness to grow. A coach also acts as a role model because of the experience that he or she shares. Additionally, a coach has unique insight that broadens your business awareness. I call it the “third eye” Often when we are simply trying to figure out the next best move, or the language to respond to a situation, it can be so beneficial to be able to reach out and get an effective answer.
It is OK to need guidance and solutions. We all need guidance for how to get from where we are to where we want to be, and once we do, we can productively prioritize and execute.
Please Help Me Help You.
I am offering 10% off one to one sessions to you for Responding to this Survey. The intent of the survey is to gain a clear understanding where your challenges lie and to gear my educational content to it.
Your success is my greatest reward!
Shelly Berman-Rubera
Shelly Berman-Rubera, President of SBR-Small Business Results is an authentic, experienced communicator you will learn from. She provides guidance and solutions to run and build business.
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Why is Commitment the Key Factor to Results?

Are You Serious About Building Your Business? Join SBR for Morning Business Coaching!
Yes, running a successful business can be chaotic and challenging, but accepting that and not fighting it by seeking solutions
to address the challenges help us to persevere. I believe this requires a strategic framework that allows us to be accountable for our day to day, month to month, and therefore year end results.

The next series of questions pertains to the “6 Steps to Small Business Results” strategic framework that I founded and use successfully in my coaching practice!

Why is Commitment the Key Factor to Results?
Small business owners and independent professionals are often entrepreneurial by nature. As entrepreneurs we are filled with great ideas and the drive to make money. Too often we have many great ideas but are held back by a lack of commitment to a particular product or service. I believe that “commitment” is the most important word in the English language and a commitment to a product or aspect of a service and a strategic approach is crucial.
There are three important aspects of an effective strategy position in the marketplace:
1. We must be passionate about what we selling because when we believe in something the force of our convictions will spark other people’s interest and motivate them to let you help them achieve their goals.
2.  It is the creation of a unique and valuable offering to a particular audience. It involves having the courage to offer something to someone and not trying to be everything to everyone. It is the understanding that by saying yes to an audience, do not mean saying no to others. It actually can propel you and allow you to create other offerings to other target audiences.
3.  There must be consistency between activity and the strategy. Consistency builds recognition and presence. To make consistency happen, we must commit to a routine of sales and marketing activity. Strong relationships and sales are built through regular, branded interactions.Commitment also does mean routine and this means always furthering your learning, developing your resources, holding onto your passion and connection to a particular audience.
I hope this encourages you to look at your product or service and where you commitments lie.
Please remember that a wavering commitment is really no commitment at all and that a commitment to a routine will set you free!!
How do you make your commitments?  What is your greatest challenge to keeping commitments?
If and when you have trouble coming up with the answers, that is a great time to give me a call and let me help you.
“Scaling Up” Strategies To Grow and Propel Your Business Forward

Morning Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs

Thursday, November 19th 9:00-11:30

This is not just another grow-your-business seminar!
Shelly Berman-Rubera, President of SBR-Small Business Results is an authentic, experienced communicator you will learn from. She provides guidance and solutions to run and build business.
Let’s build your business together.
Your success is my greatest reward!
Shelly Berman-Rubera
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Ask The Right Question To Build Your Business

One of the great opportunities I have as a business and marketing coach is to work with very smart, dedicated business owners. As I engage with new clients, I get to learn all about these individuals and the companies they run. Looking at their company history, operations, and their systems is fascinating and I love it!  I can see things that my clients don’t and that’s because I have the advantage of an outsider’s perspective and years of experience owning and coaching small businesses.
Asking the right questions is a vital skill for a business development coach. The right questions generate more questions, information and data-eventually leading to solutions. I have put together a series of questions that I would ask to enable you to look at your own business from a fresh perspective. If and when you have trouble coming up with the answers, that is a great time to give me a call and let me help you. I am going to send you a question a week for the next few months.
What do your customers care about?
Almost everyone has a gut feel for what their customers think is most important, but very few have actually asked the customer directly. Most businesses are tempted to name price as the most important factor in a buying decision, but I have found that there are always aspects of a product or service customers don’t mind paying more than usual for. Knowing what your customers find compelling and what factors they look at when making their buying decisions is essential to how you communicate and create value.
Here’s to your answers and gaining the business directions and clients you are seeking!What do you know about your clients?
Space is very limited and these are the last two events until next January 
  • On November 12:  I will be presenting a One Day Business Retreat which is being sponsored by Century Bank in Burlington, MA.  This event is only open to 8 women business owners.
  • On November 19:  I will be presenting a One-Day Business Retreat which is being sponsored by Fairway New England Mortgage in the Needham location. This event is open to all professions and the limit is 12 business owners or independent professional.
Let’s build your business together.
Your success is my greatest reward!
Shelly Berman-Rubera