When Business Owners Are Cut Off From Emotion, They Make Bad Decisions

When Business Owners Are Cut Off From Emotion, They Make Bad Decisions

Recognize that emotions exist! It is not having the feelings that are the problem; it is how we learn to manage and understand them. The Case Study I walked into a client's office for our appointment. No sooner had I knocked on the door to announce my arrival with "Hi, ... Read More
expressing gratitude in business - giving thanks

How To Express Gratitude In Business

At Thanksgiving time, we often reflect on how much we appreciate our family, friends, and loved ones in our lives, but as a business owner, I find myself adding my clients to my gratitude list. As a Business and Communication Strategist, I am genuinely grateful to my clients who have ... Read More
Is Your LinkedIn Profile Working For You?<br>How to Utilize LinkedIn Messaging

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Working For You?
How to Utilize LinkedIn Messaging

I am not a LinkedIn specialist; however, I am a business development/communication strategist. Many of my clients have been asking me to review their messaging and offers on their LinkedIn profiles and websites. I know that most profiles and websites are about the solution provider, not the prospect. If you're ... Read More
Business Turnaround Strategy,  Business Trends & Identifying Outdated Systems Podcast

Business Turnaround Strategy,  Business Trends & Identifying Outdated Systems Podcast

I'm a serial entrepreneur and have launched and grown four businesses over the last 35 years. As we know part of being an entrepreneur is being creative and going in multiple directions. In the following podcast with Evolvepreneur Secrets Show, I was interviewed about my journey as an entrepreneur and ... Read More
increasing brand awareness eliminates sales and marketing confusion

Are You A Small Business Owner Who Needs A Strategic Business Approach?

The Tip: Are you a small business owner who needs a strategic business development approach that gets results?How to eliminate sales & marketing confusion by increasing brand awareness. Case Study: If a strategic approach were like fixing cars, manufacturing parts or mass-producing food, small business owners would have an easier ... Read More
value proposition - customer perceived value - competitive differentiation

Your Value Proposition, And How To Make It Stand Out In The Marketplace

The Case Study: A major challenge for small business owners is being noticed, especially in today's competitive world. You want to do more than be noticed, in fact - you want to be distinct, by presenting a compelling value proposition. Take accounting, for example. Business owners see it as a ... Read More
happy labor day - a small business is a labor of love

Small Business Results – A Labor of Love

After being a small business owner and coaching for over 35 years and a Business Strategist for 19, I can promise you a small business owner's hard work does pay off! Every business owner I know is indeed working very hard. Entrepreneurship is a labor of love and leaves little ... Read More
How To Stay Focused On Business and Still Enjoy The Good Weather!

How To Stay Focused On Business and Still Enjoy The Good Weather!

Whether you’re more excited about firing up the grill, relaxing on the beach, or being more active, the warm summer months can provide challenges for your small business — especially if you’re based at home. It doesn’t take much for a seasonal change to derail your business focus. Maybe your ... Read More
How to Stay Focused at Work - reducing distractions to regain productivity

How to Stay Focused at Work

Reduce distractions by increasing your analog approach to business success Young business woman is meditating to relieve stress of busy corporate life The Case Study: In our internet-crazed world, attention is drawn in a million different directions at once as we multitask through every day. In a single 5-minute span, ... Read More

How To Build Trust And Rapport With Your Clients

The most important thing a person has is their integrity Our behavior and our impact on others are the keys to how we are perceived, believed, and embraced. Maintaining trustworthy relationships with clients or business partners and upholding strong moral principles are key to building trust. Do the right thing ... Read More