Time to Think, Plan and Act Strategically

Time to Think, Plan and Act Strategically

It is hard to believe that September is upon us. That felt like a fast summer, and I hope you got to enjoy some downtime. There is no avoiding the fact that we are entering the last quarter of the year and a very exciting time to time to think, ... Read More
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Get More Prospects, Clients, and Revenue With A Concept Differentiating Statement

Get More Prospects, Clients, and Revenue With A Concept Differentiating Statement I am sure you know that simply changing the words we use can seriously change the results we get in any form of communication. Working on language, framing, and how things are said is something that I do every ... Read More
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The Power of Collaboration

THE POWER OF COLLABORATION Great things can happen when we work together! As we all know, standing out in today’s marketplace is harder than ever. Therefore, it is truly imperative that the focus lies on building your brand and positioning yourself as the answer to your client’s challenges and needs, ... Read More
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SELF-EMPLOYED CHALLENGES? Learn how to overcome them!

I have been self-employed for over 40 years and I had been coaching the self-employed for over 15 years. A report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are over 15,000,000 self-employed individuals in the United States and a report I found about freelancing on Upwork found ... Read More
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What Can You Get Done in the Next 30 Days?

Want to find out? I hope all is going well in your corner of the world. In early January I launched my 30-day Strategy Coaching Program and the response was overwhelming. Thank you! Here are the results of what a client and I accomplished in the last 30 days: Defined our ... Read More
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New Business Model for Small Business Results

30 Day Strategy Business Coaching Let's Get This Done! After being in business for myself for over 40 years and coaching over 1,000 business owners, I  provide clients with wisdom and contemporary knowledge to excel at a rapid pace. I am skilled at translating a good idea or concept into ... Read More
End Of The Year/ Start Of The Year- 3 Session Coaching Package

End Of The Year/ Start Of The Year- 3 Session Coaching Package

3 Session Personal/Business Coaching Package As the holiday season falls upon us, we get pulled in so many directions that we tend to neglect business development tasks that really must be done and often find ourselves starting the new year in old patterns and behaviors that we had hoped would ... Read More
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The Tip: A recent survey asked small business owners: “What is your greatest challenge?” 85% of participants answered with “Lack of focus.” Lack of focus can interfere with our ability to run a productive day or functional business. Whether it is day to day tasks or a lack of focus ... Read More
The Tip: Making A Commitment Has 3 Levels

The Tip: Making A Commitment Has 3 Levels

What Does It Take to Keep Commitments? Commitment has 3 levels and they are: I should do something, I want to do something, and I need to do something. Most commitments are made when we get to the need level, whether that be increased learning, selling or hiring. The Case ... Read More
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The Tip: Business Clarity Brings Marketing Results

The Case Study: One of the great things about small business owners is that they usually start their own business as a result of feeling passionate about their field.  Passion is a great place to begin, however, when we need to get passionate about marketing and selling that business, it ... Read More