From Chaos to Prioritization: Move the energy in your business forward now

From Chaos to Prioritization: Move the energy in your business forward now

Case Study: A highly skilled consultant was feeling very challenged with tasks that she completes for her clients but couldn't seem to get done for herself. She was also offered other opportunities to take for her business and while they seemed enticing, it was more huge decisions to make. When ... Read More
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Why You Should Set Up Your Email Signature Today

There Are Many Things We Do Not Get Around To - Setting Up Your Email Signature Should Not Be One Of Them Case Study: To stop and make an electronic introduction takes time to construct. When we have to go looking for the person's contact information and it is not ... Read More
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Develop A Concept & Differentiation Before Marketing

Case Study: When you begin to build your business and your marketing collateral you're faced with a number of challenges, problems, and obstacles. The obstacle that is the greatest, and that the rest actually rely upon, is your ability to communicate effectively what you do and who you do it with ... Read More
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The SBR Signature Offering

Imagine What You Accomplish With SBR By You The SBR Signature Offering We help you with what is truly needed to succeed in business today: CONCEPT, EVALUATION, STRATEGY, EXECUTION! This package includes: ~ 2 hours business coaching ~ Digital evaluation and delivery of a 4-6 page “Business Concept/Business Model Development and ... Read More
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The Small Business Results Digital Marketing Package

Small Business Results will conduct a thorough investigation to understand where your company stands in its current digital marketing presence. We understand that the most critical marketing tool you have is taking a good look at your own industry, assessing the effectiveness of your database, website, email marketing and social ... Read More

It Is Never One Marketing Tool!

Case Study: Marketing a business in today's competitive landscape and ever-changing tools is daunting. I hear business owners' desperate cries for the answers to these challenges: My web-site brings me nothing My email marketing is ineffective I have no idea which social platforms to post on And my database is ... Read More
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In Order To Be Interesting, You Must Be Interested

Case Study: Too often in the effort to build relationships or close sales, the eagerness to sell the product or service comes before a true understanding of the potential client's needs or wants. A few common frustrations and issues many small business owners and entrepreneurs face are 1. They have ... Read More
How is Sales in Business Like Strength Training?

How is Sales in Business Like Strength Training?

Repetition, repetition, repetition, discipline, discipline, discipline Case Study: A photographer, an organizer, and a realtor are all known in the business world as independent professionals.  They're all passionate about what they do, but the one thing they hate to do is to sell.   In each case they are complaining about ... Read More
Creating and Running a Business is Hard Work, Obstacles Occur All the Time

Creating and Running a Business is Hard Work, Obstacles Occur All the Time

The Tip: “Staying stuck in the problem is negative, but working on the solution is being in the positive.” The Case Study:    In the current business climate and in the everyday churn of business I see that most small business owners and entrepreneurs are running on empty, facing more work ... Read More
Build Your Wave of Momentum to Sales

Build Your Wave of Momentum to Sales

The Case Study: An interior designer was just starting out in business.  Her "to do" list was three pages long and everything on that list was crucial to get done. The most important, however, was bringing revenue! She exclaimed. "How can I possibly make this happen?" The Outcome: I went ... Read More