In Order To Be Interesting, You Must Be Interested

Case Study:

Too often in the effort to build relationships or close sales, the eagerness to sell the product or service comes before a true understanding of the potential client’s needs or wants. A few common frustrations and issues many small business owners and entrepreneurs face are 1. They have trouble getting in the door. 2. It looks like a deal and then something happens. 3. They often hear the prospect say “sounds good, but we have no money now.” In order to develop trust and success, we must invest time in the process of asking the right questions.

The Outcome:
With a little practice, you can approach a prospect or client in a conversation that will enable you to get them to give you information to allow you to create a specific solution that goes beyond their expectations. How? You can do this by going beyond the typical question that asks, “What are your greatest challenges?” or “What are your goals?” and by sincerely being interested in their process and their experience. Time and time again we see success when we can engage a prospect or current client in order to share their greatest successes. By engaging clients at that level you will enable yourself to determine how your product or service can be of value to them.
Let them talk and feel heard!

Do you have a series of questions you use to engage your clients or prospects?

be interesting - be interested

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