From Chaos to Prioritization: Move the energy in your business forward now

Case Study:

A highly skilled consultant was feeling very challenged with tasks that she completes for her clients but couldn’t seem to get done for herself. She was also offered other opportunities to take for her business and while they seemed enticing, it was more huge decisions to make.  When there is so much at stake and so much to do, we go into  a “brain fog”-like place and simply need to sort out what is the next best move and what to prioritize.

The Outcome:

After a two hour consultation, we were able to establish the most important tasks to accomplish and we took a good long look at what the big decision would look like. After three weeks, I sent an email to check in and here was her response:
“I’ve been busy –
Updated LinkedIn profile
New Facebook Public page (Have established schedule for posting regularly)
Closed a new client.
Working on requesting references and referrals from current clients.
Have decided to stay with xxxxx for now. The financial security of the base pay + travel expenses gives me the comfort level to pursue private clients more aggressively.
Still need to settle on a website template.
Adopted your practices as –
Task sheets to track my progress with clients, time sheets for that work, proposal and agreement all in one.
I’m feeling good about things! “


As a business coach, could I ask for anything more? 

Sometimes it can just be so helpful to have an intelligent conversation about one’s business to get specific about your commitments, to ensure that everything in your business is moving toward your desired outcomes.


How do YOU focus to attain your priorities?

Are you ready to make your wave roll in?

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from chaos to prioritization

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