Take 7 Hours Coaching PKG

by competenow

Take Charge Of Your Business - 7 Hours Coaching Pkg!

Take Charge Of Your Business – 7 Hours Coaching Pkg! I promise We Will Turn Your Business Around Quickly!

Whether we are the midst of starting or running our businesses, we simply do not have the time, energy or the resources to build our businesses, stay up to date with current strategies or execute the tactics that are urgent to both obtain competitive advantage and profitability.

In my experience, business owners do not want to commit to long term coaching or consulting. They want tangible takeaways, and exact winning steps to make a difference now.

As an experienced serial entrepreneur and Personal/ Business Strategist, I can quickly evaluate and design a strategic plan to propel you forward.

This coaching program will enable you to create your competitive advantage, focus on profitable growth and delivering the services that you are meant to provide.

We Will:

  • Assess and understand direction and challenges
  • Improve focus and productivity
  • Ensure a competitive advantage strategy
  • Evaluate and determine your most effective marketing tools (including your website)
  • Utilize emotional management to gain control of self, team, and sales
  • Implement a strategic accountability system
  • Design and execute the most important steps to moving forward

This Includes:

  • Seven 1-hour calls
  • 1 hour of virtual execution by Shelly (more can be evaluated and purchased)
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Access to winning templates for proposals, phone scripts, job descriptions, LinkedIn profile and more

This 7 Hour Package will meet via zoom video conferencing or the phone. ( in person in my Newton, MA office is possible too!)

You have my commitment to move you from chaos to productivity, to offer you real strategies and solutions to real challenges and to share with you the wisdom to be able to execute business results!

Shelly Berman-Rubera

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