ONE DAY Business Coaching Retreat

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Small Business Results

The Truth About Succeeding in Small Business

ONE DAY Business Coaching Retreat for Small Business Owners, Gig Workers, and Professional Speakers

This is a very special opportunity for business owners, gig-workers, and speakers who just wished they had the time to stop and gain the skills, focus, structure, tools, and support to grow their business!

Imagine what it will be like to return to your office filled with new knowledge, innovative ideas and a broader set of skills that are ready to be implemented that very day. Imagine cutting the curve of learning and spending time with other business owners and Business Strategist and Communication Expert, Shelly Berman-Rubera to help you solve your toughest business challenges.

You will be provided an experiential day of learning and implementing.  She is Master Certified in Business Management, Certified Small Business Coach, Emotional Intelligence Leader, Author and sought-after speaker.

She brings wisdom and wining strategies for navigating and succeeding in today’s business world.

Shelly will support you through this process to ensure you have the right steps to get right to the core of the matter in your business.

Shelly Berman Rubera - Business & Communications Strategist - Newton MA, near Boston, serving New England and the USA

Are you ready to “Propel Your Revenue”?

“6 Steps to Small Business Results” is a 6 strategic framework that will provide you with a systematic framework to help you develop all aspects of your business so that you emerge as a strong leader of your company. This interactive and engaging program will help you manage multiple priorities, position your business in the marketplace, stand out from the competition, and increase your revenue and business success

Here’s what to expect:

You will arrive at 8:30 am and then we’ll jump right into Step 1!

We will work through the 1st half of step 3 until noon and break for lunch

The afternoon session will complete the 2nd half of step 3 through step 6 and conclude with your business development and tactical plan

This one day will include interactive exercises and the learning of the 6 Step Framework outlined below.

The 6 Step Framework


Step 1: Commit to Yourself and Business Success

Commitment is the key to success and is based on the premise of vision, purpose, and action. Discover how to create commitment and accountability to propel you forward. Learn a unique revenue model.

business systems for productivity and sales

Step 2: Focused Daily Business Results

Today more than ever, every minute must be razor sharp focused. The work day, the marketing strategy, the goals, the appointments and the priorities must be structured, focused, and disciplined. When you plan each day, month, and quarter you will end up with a great year!!

market positioning and differentiation

Step 3: Differentiating Yourself & Market Your Business

With a cogent, clear and focused message you will be able to sell, connect and attract others to your business.  Businesses need new energy, learning and big ideas to move forward.

networking - building trust - sales

Step 4: Creating Effective Business Relationships

There is a major difference between networking, selling, and building relationships. It is not just about networking–it’s about creating connection and trust in a person, a process, and an outcome.

manage emotion - build sales relationships

Step 5: Managing the Emotional Side of Business

Emotional Intelligence is having the understanding and awareness that emotions are the drivers and influencers in all decisions.  The way business owners handle emotion changes the way your customers feel, which affects the way they buy, ultimately affecting your bottom line.

accountability systems -keep on track - focused on results

Step 6: Accountability + Commitment = Success

A system of accountability encourages, teaches and enforces commitment. Accountability is an amazing form of discipline that opens the door for ownership of your success.

This once in a lifetime business coaching day that will “Propel Your Revenue” includes:

  • Preplanning questionnaire to prepare for the learning
  • 1-day business development program with Shelly Berman-Rubera
  • Full training binder including all 6 Steps
  • Post- Planning Questionnaire and plan of ACTION
  • Special Attendee offers from Sponsors
  • Hot Seat Coaching
  • Networking
  • Interactive Exercises

The Details

All this could be yours by making just one simple investment in your future! It will be the best investment you have ever made for you and your business…guaranteed!


8:30 am – 5:00 pm





Early Bird – $275*

How to Join:

Call SBR at 617-201-7224 or fill out the application below!

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