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Strategic Assessment & Business Development

Imagine what it would be like to truly understand your path to growth

 Assessment and Strategy

We cannot get where we want to go if we don’t know where we are.

An assessment will help you achieve your company’s goals, to expand and grow your business in a smart and strategic way.

We will start by truly understanding your challenges and where you see your business going.

We will get specific about your wants and needs, to ensure that everything in your business moves toward your desired outcomes. We will strategize together to create timelines, objectives, and bring you the resources needed to reach immediate steps forward. We will determine what is working and capitalize on it and determine what is missing or needs to be improved.

We will work together to customize solutions for your business.

We will create systems, procedures, copy, and offerings that best utilize your expertise to ensure that cash flow is present and in the future and your business runs more effectively with the most contemporary tools. Whether you are a start-up, emerging, or existing business we can find the gaps and fill them.

I stay with you through implementation.

Some consultants will give you a ‘prescription’ or tell you what to do, but don’t tell you how to do it, or help you do it. If you prefer, I will stay with you to make sure it’s working and to show you how to make adjustments as time moves on. You get the best of both consulting and coaching.

You’ll learn strategies for communicating.

This coaching will transform your revenue-building efforts as well as your existing or potential relationships.  You will learn to speak with clarity and brevity to have a greater impact on all your communications.

You don’t have to give up taking care of your clients to manage or market effectively.

In fact, sacrificing one of these essentials can spell disaster for your business. To truly develop a high-value business, you need to have strong messaging, management, excellent business development skills, and client flow. I will show you how to put all four together to transform your business into everything you want it to be.

We’ll develop plans that move your business toward your vision.

I will inspire you, or your team. You will have specific action plans to follow so that you can see your progress and periodic sessions that will keep you accountable for continuing to develop and keeping up the momentum.

My goal is to transfer skills to you.

Although I stay with you through the implementation of the project, my focus is on teaching you strategies to make your business work better, so that you can learn to take charge of your business and your revenue, even after our relationship has ended.

You can expect to be challenged.

Expect to hear things, sometimes, that you don’t want to hear. You can expect that I will stay ‘on top of’ things to get you to keep moving toward your goals. Like an athletic coach, I will push you to find your limits and surpass them.

Assessment and Strategic Session Details

Assessment and Strategy Sessions can include a current challenge you are facing or a review of your existing business model, your brand and positioning, your copywriting, and your current offers. We will also examine your list of objectives, and priorities, and create a game plan to gain, commitment, focus, and accountability. We will address what you need to overcome in order to be a better business owner gain greater results.

Strategic Assessment & Business Strategy Development

We will examine your current challenges and identify key strategic steps for improved results

Strategic Assessment & Business Development planning

We will review how you articulate your core offers and determine if any optimization is needed to help your prospect feel like you will meet their needs.

Strategic Assessment & Business Development planning steps

We will examine your current marketing initiatives and determine if they are converting the right customer that matches your core offers.

Strategic Assessment & Business Developmen

We will examine your current team and support structures to ensure you have the necessary systems in place to deliver your core offers.

Get Started with SBR & Book Your Assessment – Strategy Sessions

My commitment is to move you from chaos to productivity, to offer you real solutions to real challenges, and to bring you the wisdom to execute small business results.

One to One Assessment and Strategy Session

  • 2-hrs of strategy coaching with Shelly
  • Bring your current challenge or questions for assessment and solutions
  • Receive specific feedback, strategies, and communication
  • Recommended tools, and next steps and can be customized for your needs

Your Package Investment


The Business Assessment/Strategy Coaching Package

  • 5-hrs of strategy coaching with Shelly Berman Rubera, Business Strategist
  • We will assess: business owner challenges, business model, messaging, website, marketing, and sales and can be customized to meet your needs
  • Laser-focused action items ready to be implemented immediately to overcome your biggest challenges
  • This includes commitment, focus, and accountability. 

Your Package Investment


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