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 SBR – Interview Video Marketing

Interview marketing is an innovative approach to get in front of your audience.

It allows your prospects and clients to see and hear you and make a personal connection to you and your services/products.

Video Marketing is Hot.

But Getting in Front of the Camera is as Challenging as Speaking with Clarity and Impact.

Video marketing is highly effective in boosting brand awareness, generating leads, increasing sales, and connecting with your audience. With more consumers leveraging video, it is crucial to begin implementing a video marketing strategy to get in front of your audience.  Being seen and heard is one of the best ways to stand out.

Many of us know video is necessary but fail to leverage this amazing marketing tool because it can be too challenging. But not anymore!

Let’s position you as an industry thought leader and drive engagement with decision-makers who are highly receptive to your solutions.

Interview Video Marketing Details


Preparation for interview


1-hour interview with a professional host (1-4 people)


1 hour of 1-10 Minute videos professionally edited with your logo, ready to be loaded to your YouTube and website.


A FAQ section that can be added to your website.


Copy and Content that you can repurpose for your blog posts, marketing material, and website.

How This Works

  • This package begins working with Shelly to craft the most strategic interview questions and answers as well as to rehearse your delivery with brevity, clarity, and compelling responses to be presentation-ready.
  • Now you are ready to schedule your one-hour interview with the SBR Host, where you will be guided through the questions as the session is recorded. You may invite up to three of your clients to be interviewed for video testimonials in the same shoot.
  • The video session will now be handed over to our editor to make this ready for other social media outlets. i.e.  YouTube, FB, IG, Twitter, website, and marketing efforts, including your website!


Work With Shelly

Start leveraging video marketing to build a personal connection with you and your services/products!

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