Develop A Concept & Differentiation Before Marketing

Case Study:

When you begin to build your business and your marketing collateral you’re faced with a number of challenges, problems, and obstacles. The obstacle that is the greatest, and that the rest actually rely upon, is your ability to communicate effectively what you do and who you do it with.
You are faced with this challenge every day when you pick up the phone. It determines whether you are able to get the conversation, which leads to the meeting, which leads to the sale. We are running around killing ourselves to determine the best vehicle for marketing but the truth is, until we develop the right concept, how to differentiate and how to articulate this, we are stumped!

What is a business concept?

A business concept is an idea for a business that includes basic information such as the service or product, the target demographic, and a unique selling proposition that gives a company an advantage over competitors.

The Outcome:

When you position yourself by concept instead of by titles or products and services, you have the opportunity to create a strategic approach for connecting with prospects and thus, selling more.
The way to look at this is to identify and focus on the outcomes of your work and what happens when customers work with you. Once this is accomplished, you will write it on your marketing collateral, your website or when you’re introducing yourself to any individual or group and yes on the phone!
How you communicate who you work with and what they can expect for outcomes is the easiest way to position yourself by concept.
differentiating statement for small business marketing
When you can answer this simple question in a succinct and concise way that attracts more conversation and, therefore, more prospects, you will be able to create a deeper level of connection with your prospects and customers.
The goal is to get to the “How” conversation – “How do you do that?” Or – “Would you like me to tell you how I do that?”
It’s not easy, in fact, it may be the hardest thing you will do in your business.
Here are some tips for creating an effective differentiating statement:
  • Use simple eighth-grade language.
  • Don’t recite a slogan or a tagline. Really tell people who it is you work with and what it is you do .
  • Attract someone into a conversation that covers just how you do that.
  • Your differentiating statement focuses on what pain points people have and how working with you will address a solution-based outcome.

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