Education Based Marketing – Don’t Be Afraid To Give Away Information

The Case Study:

A Financial Advisor and a Realtor were doing “ok” in their careers but wanted to do something to stand out in their fields. They felt challenged by the vast amount of advisors and realtors competing against each other.

During my conversations with them, I was able to hear about their specific knowledge and passions. As a result, we could pick a direction. In today’s business landscape one of the most effective strategies is education-based marketing, whether that is delivered via a white paper, a resource guide, or a presentation. Teaching and sharing knowledge is an essential step in engaging your current and potential clients The goal of positioning and marketing is to sell to someone, not something by educating and engaging your audience.

The financial advisor was completing a special designation as a “Divorce Financial Analyst.”  We set to work and created a presentation designed for divorcing women and named it “Managing Emotion and Planning Logically”. Next, we held a focus group to test run the presentation and to gain feedback from women who had been divorced or realtors who might be marketing affiliates or co-presenters.

Often business owners are afraid to share information for fear of giving too much away and not being needed. I believe it is imperative to give and give to demonstrate your expertise. The goal is to educate and engage. Often I hear the worry of being too salesy, by presenting we have the opportunity to help. There is only a two-letter difference between the word sell and help, so start helping!

The Outcome:

education based marketing

Talk about the power of education-based marketing!

Both of the realtors have their own programs and present and teach, therefore they are working on co-presenting with the financial advisor as well as making introductions to her for another marketing affiliate.

The financial advisor has already booked another talk to present to 12 divorce attorneys, CPAs, and other potential cross-referral relationships.

Capturing your knowledge of content is such an exciting, personal and effective marketing strategy. Once this knowledge is clearly defined, organized, and expressed, it can be used in a presentation; a blog, a resource guide, newsletter content, or even a podcast. 

This marketing strategy is called showcasing. I love creating signature programs that can catapult you and your business to new heights!

My Best,

Shelly Berman-Rubera