Why You Should Set Up Your Email Signature Today

There Are Many Things We Do Not Get Around To –
Setting Up Your Email Signature Should Not Be One Of Them

Case Study:

To stop and make an electronic introduction takes time to construct. When we have to go looking for the person’s contact information and it is not in the email signature, we have to search for it. In some cases, it just can’t happen. That’s not fun!

The Outcome:

Setting up an email signature is one of those “I’ll get around to it later” tasks, but it’s worth your while for several reasons, as it:
Serves as a free marketing tool for anyone you are reaching out or responding to
Makes it easy for others to find and get in contact with you
Is professional and shows that you are serious about running your business
It may be tempting to go offer too much when you create your email signature, providing links to your every presence on the web, but you should be careful not to go overboard!

Focus on the basics:

  • Your name
  • Logo
  • An easy way for people to contact you, such as your phone number or email address
  • The name of your company (along with a link) and your title within the company

Clarity and simplicity are important when it comes to your email signature. Be cautious about adding too many lines of text or links to your email signature as it can be very overwhelming to your email recipients. Try the Wisestamp tool to help you build a clean signature with unobtrusive icons linking out to your social media sites.

Be sure to also add your signature to your phone, iPad and other devices that you use to communicate.

I hope the benefits of using an email signature will motivate you to take a few minutes this week to create an email signature or clean up your existing one. It’s free, easy, and creates consistency and connectivity in all your email communications.

It is our job to notice and know the little and big things for effective business building.

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