Emotional Intelligence Is Essential for Effective Business Management

How to manage emotion and unleash your potential

Managing Emotional Intelligence - Business Management - employee motivation in workplace

Case Study

The hardest work of creating and running a business lies in navigating the many obstacles that will arise. Entrepreneurs face multiple hurdles daily; how they view and respond to them is what defines their success. 

There is more work to be done with fewer people to do it, making small business leadership skills more essential than ever before. The daily churn of business in this current climate has entrepreneurs and small business owners running on empty. Therefore, struggling to manage emotions, performances, and reactions as they juggle more tasks. It becomes more difficult to make consistent positive contributions to employee morale when our own morale takes hit after hit. 

Studies show that there is a powerful link between feelings and performance. Day after day, we hear complaints about how a company’s leader is impeding the growth of the business and making the workplace a difficult place to be productive. 

A good leader develops Emotional Intelligence which includes optimism and resilience, someone others look up to for inspiration or motivation. With the proper skill set, they have the power to change the direction and respond logically, not emotionally, which will eventually lead to business success. 

The Outcome:

A positive and engaging workplace motivates employees in your small business. Creating such an atmosphere means that any obstacles you encounter will be less damaging to employee morale, which is inevitably linked to productivity.

To successfully manage obstacles, we must become experts at managing our emotions on three levels: Individually (ourselves), relationally (those we work and deal with), and organizationally (the whole company). Emotional Intelligence is the bridge between Intelligence and emotion, and to be able to make decisions based on recognizing both.

By having knowledge and skills on all three levels, we significantly improve the climate around us and the company’s communication and path to becoming a solutions-based organization instead of a problem-based one. 

“Staying stuck in the problem is a negative but working on the solution is a positive.”

Rather than dwelling on problems, take the opportunity to grow and learn. The door to success opens when we bounce back from failure. You will gain a higher level of self-respect and maturity just by going through the process of managing emotion and act strategically.

Whether it be sales, money, time management, relationships, technology, toxic people, and situations or procrastination, it all comes down to how we manage emotions, what commitments we make, and how we are accountable for our results. 

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