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Frequently Asked Questions

I work with business owners, entrepreneurs and professional service providers who want strategic and solution-based coaching to build better lives, business and become thought leaders.


Why Business and Communication Strategy?

Business and communication strategy is important because it helps business owners achieve results by effectively examining desired outcomes and action steps. I believe all effectiveness comes from what we say and what we do strategically. I love strategy!

How Can Working with Shelly Help Me?

Shelly is a serial entrepreneur who started and ran three successful businesses. She has been coaching and consulting small business owners for over 20 years. She understands the small business owner, personally and professionally. Shelly takes a very individual approach to her consulting and stands next to her clients in their journey to build their businesses.

Who Is This Consulting For?

Shelly works directly with the owners of the business. She firmly believes that the issues are the same for all companies. She works with many sole proprietors, including coaches, consultants, and ghostwriters. She also works with owners in the construction and homeowner services fields. She can design customized team training to fit the needs of the company. The companies range from little revenue to 2 million and from startups to well-established businesses needing to gain contemporary systems and strategies.

What Is Shelly’s Approach?

Shelly is the founder of the strategic framework, “The Truth About Succeeding in Small Business” and other unique packages.  She focuses on the three major issues facing owners today: isolation, feeling overwhelmed, and lack of enough revenue. We work together to prioritize and address the challenges. She has a wealth of experience and resources and can move very quickly to make improvements in all areas of the business. She is skilled in copywriting, executing, and implementation.

Why Choose To Work With Small Business Results?

Small Business Results is a boutique-style coaching business. Shelly works with only a limited number of clients at a time. The reason for this is because she becomes actively involved in maintaining focus, execution, and accountability. She is available as opportunities and challenges arise. The business owner and Shelly are working together to accomplish whatever is before us in a timely fashion.

How Does Group Coaching Work?

The Small Business Results Group are a group of hand-selected individual who are committed to working on their business skills. Shelly is skilled at facilitating these groups to allow individuals to have a voice as well as create and monitor the group dynamics. These groups provide knowledge, skills, connection, and support.

What is Concept to Customer?

Keeping our websites current is a critical, yet daunting task. It does not matter whether you are a startup or an existing business; your website is the most crucial piece of marketing. The goal of all other marketing is to lead the prospect or client to the website.  The website must capture your message and positioning in a compelling way. This coaching program will help you to define your most effective streams of revenue, guide you through all the necessary components of the website via strategy, and copywriting. We then turn the content over to one of my website partners for the design and execution of your site.

What is Interview Video Marketing?

The Interview video is an innovative marketing approach to getting in front of your audience. It allows prospects and clients to see and hear you and gain a personal connection with you and your services/products.  This program includes business and communication coaching as well as copywriting and video.

How Is Strategy Consulting Delivered?

Consulting is delivered in the SBR office, on-site, and virtually


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My commitment is to move you from chaos to productivity, to offer you real solutions to real challenges, and to bring you the wisdom to execute small business results.

Shelly Berman Rubera - Business & Communications Strategist - Newton MA, near Boston, serving New England and the USA

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