The Tip:

A recent survey asked small business owners: “What is your greatest challenge?” 85% of participants answered with “Lack of focus.”

Lack of focus can interfere with our ability to run a productive day or functional business. Whether it is day to day tasks or a lack of focus on our product or service, we can get derailed and frustrated. By creating systems to help us stay focused and bring clarity about our offerings, we can gain control for our ability to execute and our direction to move in!  In our long list of “to do’s it is best wise to choose one thing to focus on and get it done!

The Case Study:

A recent client hired us to conduct a brainstorming session with the senior management team. Their goal was to get everyone on the same page around their business development efforts for the coming year. As we were mapping out their various revenue streams on a whiteboard, it became very clear that this company had a problem on their hands. In an effort to grow the business, they recently purchased new equipment and were trying to gain business from this added revenue stream. The problem is that during the process they had failed to solidify their plans for their primary revenue generator.

The Outcome:

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have multiple streams of revenues in addition to an endless bank of great ideas. In today’s world, there is little time to sit on these great ideas, and too often we find business owners trying to sell too many things, and therefore, they end up selling nothing! There is nothing wrong with multiple revenue streams. The problem with pursuing each new idea comes with the challenges to ensure that a company’s principal stream of revenues and means for paying the bills does not get overshadowed by the excitement.

After looking at our client’s business model, we were able to come up with a plan to coordinate marketing efforts for both their new and existing offering. We were able to help them with a balanced approach that did not neglect their primary revenue stream or dilute their messaging.

Juggling multiple tasks and ventures can spread you thin and limit both effectiveness and productivity.

“Focusing on selling one thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly, is often the better strategy.”

What is your one goal that you would like to focus on?  Let’s work together to get it done!

My training services are perfect for small business owners who are looking to grow their business.

During the training you will:

  1. Learn a proven revenue formula that can be used across all of your business development efforts
  2. See how this framework impacts the day to day challenges
  3. Be able to apply the framework to your company’s messaging including websites, email blasts, and all marketing collateral.

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