You Want Greater Business Strategies? Here are the key behaviors needed today.

Here we are at one year at working from home; while the challenges are plentiful, so are the opportunities.

More than ever, the words commitment, focus, differentiate, market, relationships, managing emotion, and accountability are the key behaviors that we must act upon to be successful.

These behaviors are exactly what we find in the strategic framework that I created 18 years ago.

No matter what stage your business is in when you work within this framework, business owners grow, and revenues propel.  The choices we make to be effective happens when we create a full commitment to a direction or an activity. Commitment is the defining factor for action or strategic business decision-making. Here is an example of how commitment can make a difference.


One common mistake business owner makes not to go narrow and deep in picking their target audience and offers. Instead, they go broad, trying to cast a bigger net. We cannot be someone to everyone, but we can be someone to somebody. When we commit to a target audience, it allows us to commit to a direction for sales and marketing and will definitely lead to other segments.

 Case Study:

An attorney was passionate about working with many markets, including families with children, gay couples, divorced couples, and elder law. Still, she couldn’t find her ideal market or generate enough business. She committed to focusing on one target client for 30 days. She chose families with children. Determining who they were, led her to understand where they were located and how to reach them.

The Outcome:

By committing to picking a target market, she landed several families as clients and landed numerous speaking engagements in front of the right fit audience.  Before the end of one of her first meetings with a client, this client turned to the attorney and said, “I love you! Can you work with my mother?” She was able to practice her elder law as well! This example shows that committing to one market does not mean saying “no” to others, but rather, focusing on one market may help lead you to other markets. Your focus must be finding the right niche, and the rest will follow.

In our world of so many options, priorities, and challenges, it is hard to know where our commitments lie.

I can help you!


Shelly Berman-Rubera

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