How To Build Trust And Rapport With Your Clients

The most important thing a person has is their integrity


Our behavior and our impact on others are the keys to how we are perceived, believed, and embraced. Maintaining trustworthy relationships with clients or business partners and upholding strong moral principles are key to building trust. Do the right thing in all circumstances because it impacts how people will see you and then, eventually, how they will respond to you both personally and professionally.
Integrity and business ethics are representative of the values the company runs on. What are your values?

The Case Study:

Clients report stories about great phone conversations and meetings that have so much potential for working together. They have talked to the decision-maker, the sales moment has been captured, and there is every reason to believe it is a go.
You are so excited and so close, and . . . you never hear back from them again: no email, no phone response. They disappear. Disappearing is disrespectful to business and to other people. This behavior demonstrates a lack of integrity on the part of your potential client. It has an impact on the business world and contributes to a negative business climate. Don’t make a mistake and compromise your integrity because, at the end of the day, it’s all you have.

The Outcome:

Every business relationship needs trust and rapport. Ensure that the person’s needs and wants match what you are offering. Once this has been established, then the most important aspect of integrity in business and building relationships and sales is the ability to say no. “No” is an okay answer.

“No, we have decided we can’t afford to move forward at this time.”

“No, we decided this is not a fit.”

“No” is an okay answer. Disappearing is not. Disappearing erodes integrity and, with it, trust. The highest degree of integrity is finding the time, courage, and respect to simply say “no.”

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