If There Were 20 People in the Same Profession as you, and One Ideal Client, All in the Same Room, Why You?


Some of the most successful businesses in the world have made their mark by being able to differentiate their unique capabilities. Small businesses also need to be able to differentiate themselves in order to stand out in this very competitive marketplace. It is a tool that you use on all of your marketing collateral as well as a means to engage a meaningful conversation. It is worth putting the time and effort in to create this!

The Tip:


Think about what differentiates you and learn how to communicate that to others.

The Case Study:

A client of mine came in for a coaching session and I turned to him and said, “Okay, I am a new potential client – sell me, I am ready to buy.” The client proceeded to tell me that he is an architect, that he does design build, that he provides HVC consulting and contracting, that he creates architectural plans and that he handles property management.

I then said, “Okay, but I still don’t get it….tell me what you do.”

He told me that this has been a recurring problem of his for the past 5 years. He knew that he was so incredibly talented and capable of so many amazing things, but he had never been able to identify a way to properly communicate these skills or services that he provides to others.

I continued probing, asking him questions, and getting him to talk about himself –

What are his passions? What is his business? What are his skills? Who is his ideal client?

After carefully listening and absorbing everything he told me, I turned to my computer, began typing and said:

“How does this sound: My name is Joe Smith and I am the President/Founder of Joe Smith Design. We work with building owners who want increased efficiency and safety, and to bring their property up to code.”

He looked at me and exclaimed, “That’s it! That’s what I do!”

I then asked him if he knew any building owners, to which he replied, “Oh yes, many!”

“Ok, good,” I said, “then your homework assignment is to call at least one or two a day, tell them this differentiating statement and report back to me your results.”

The Outcome:

My team at SBR received an email from Joe Smith today. He let us know that as a result of our last consultation session, a lot had happened in the past two weeks. He is now currently the manager of a very lucrative project, he has put in 4 proposals for other deals and he just recently signed a contract for another huge project that is scheduled to begin next month!

What contributed to getting him these deals? The answer is simple … a differentiating statement.

This 12-15 word statement is an amazing way to open a conversation, a door and should lead to one question: “Really, tell me how you do that?”

Like anything worthwhile, coming up with a great differentiating statement takes time and effort. You should really take a minute to look within, brainstorm some ideas, practice saying it to others and rewrite it as many times as needed.

1.  Analyze the competition

2. Determine what sets you apart

3. Identify your client’s pain points

4. Create two columns:

– First Column: List who your ideal clients are

– Second Column: List the outcomes these clients receive by working with you

5. Spend some time putting the information from the two columns together to create your own differentiating statement, start standing out today!

How do you standout? How do you introduce yourself?

what differentiates your business

This can be a hard exercise. If you need my help, please schedule some time to work on this with me!

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