Case Study: 

One of the great things about small business owners is that they usually start their own business as a result of feeling passionate about their field. Getting as passionate about marketing and selling yourself as you are about your business is a tough road in today’s world, where conventional thinking and marketing no longer cut it in today’s challenging marketplace. Clients say, “I feel like I should be posting on Facebook or Tweeting on Twitter but don’t know how or why”. The confusion in business and social media is two-fold and challenging to understand; the question that comes up is, “Why should I get involved, and how is it going to help my business?” Strategic marketing of any kind is like trying to sell the cart before the horse when we: 

1. Lack the clarity around the mission. 

2. Lack the purpose of your business. 

3. Lack an understanding of exactly what you are trying to sell to whom. 

Before we think about email marketing or Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we must be able to describe in a few words these three things as they relate to our businesses. These questions help you clarify where you are and where you want to be and can be used to develop how you can best get there. 


Once you have answered the questions about your business and your marketing plan and have a basic understanding of what social media is about, you are now ready to begin selecting the suitable types of social media and the right sites.  

Why are some social media tools successful while others are not? The first reason is that now social media is being used in many more ways. With the growing smart technologies, it becomes even more important to have presence online in many different formats. When it is not effective, it is usually not being used correctly. It has to be done constantly and consistently. It has to be done with thought and with a positive outlook. Social media has to be more than just asking people to come to an event. It has to be a process that establishes the know, like and learn aspect like any relationship. 

Through the clarity and marketing process, you are branding your company and yourself as unique in your particular industry and can deliver a differentiated product or service. The process requires just as much attention as the other parts of your marketing plan.  

Before you know it, you can be liked, linked, and followed to capture your place in the market. 

Shelly is committed to teaching you exactly what to do or can alternatively execute on your behalf. As a serial entrepreneur, she has hands-on experience and wisdom to move you quickly towards your desired results. She is an inspiring strategist and brilliant wordsmith, believing that what we say and how we say it, ultimately compels others to engage with us. Shelly is considered one of the top business coaches in today’s business world.