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After being in business for myself for over 40 years and coaching over 1,000 business owners, I  provide clients with wisdom and contemporary knowledge to excel at a rapid pace. I am skilled at translating a good idea or concept into immediate tactical next steps.

As a dance school teacher, my goal was to teach clients to move and gain confidence and to feel joy on the dance floor. As a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant, I was committed to helping clients make real changes, lifetime changes. I was never going to be a trainer who felt good about socializing or simply counting for my clients. I wanted my clients to own what they learned in order to be able to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

I have the same feeling about my business coaching clients. I’m really interested in teaching and showing them what needs to be done so that the end of our time together they will have real systems, skills, strategies, and language to best articulate their business.

When I started Small Business Results, I wanted to build a team of people to execute for myself and for my clients. I had a vision of a large company being able to reach and help many people. Based on the past few years and the impact I have had working with my clients and the scope of the work, I’ve decided on a new business model!

I am excited to announce that as of January 1, 2019, I will only be accepting twenty clients at a time. I feel that twenty is the number of clients that I can hold in the palm of my hands and provide the services that they need. I can coach and consult, open doors, create marketing and truly support these clients to be better individuals, business owners and drive more revenue.

I have also found that my ideal clients are coaches, consultants, and professional service providers in the life, health, wellness arenas, as well as the financial and construction industries.

Along with the one to one business coaching, I love group coaching! It is hands-on learning, interactive and supportive, and the curriculum I have developed works! I also work very hard to put these groups together to ensure that the attendees are a good fit for each other, and can grow, learn, support and even pass referrals and resources for each other.

I also work with business owners to integrate their products and services to my program and bring the training to bring to their employees. We get them on the same page when speaking about the company and create a shared cooperative goal for the business. We work together as a team to identify strengths, weaknesses and align the company initiatives via sales, productivity and customize the training to fit the industry and the issues.

Let me know how working with me could most benefit you: one to one, or in a group within your company.

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