Productivity in A Shutdown World

Optimism – Resiliency and Discipline

I have run my business out of my home over thirty-five years, which makes this pandemic a bit less of an adjustment for me. It is certainly not business, as usual. I thought I would share with you the strategies that I have used the sustain me to be the president of my company, take care of myself, my clients, and effectively run my business.

Here is a schedule that I pretty much stick to. I hope it helps you!

  • Take the first hour of the day to not rush, eat breakfast, read, meditate, or do absolutely nothing.
  • Exercise before work. You don’t need a full gym of equipment to move your body, stretch, mobilize, or strengthen. If this is not something you’ve been used to doing, now is a fantastic time to get started.
  • Shower and get dressed as if you were going out. (if you wear makeup put it on) just like getting ready for work, because you are! This creates a feeling of self-respect, self-worth, and a sense of being prepared for the day ahead.
  • Start to work on your three to five high-level activities, no more than that, and focus on them until noon. If you are not a sole proprietor and running a business with things to do,  pick a few things that you would love to get done in your home, or get started learning something that you don’t usually don’t have the time to do.
  • Before wrapping up for lunch around noon, answer emails and calls from the morning, eat a healthy lunch, and move your body, stretch and or go for a walk.
  • Go back to work to either finish the high-level activities from the morning or proceed to your next three to five high-level activities.
  • 3:30 to 4:30, end the day, make calls. I have found this a great time to reach people as they are winding down their day and are freer to connect and have a conversation, finish any emails that you haven’t been able to get to all day.
  • Before closing your day, organize your task list for tomorrow. Identify the three to five high-level activities that you want to get done.
  • After work, have a great dinner, rest, relax, relate, and try to laugh.

I also strongly believe in meal prep. I’ll share with you two recipes that I like to keep in the house.

Zucchini /Spinach Lasagna is delicious and great reheated. It can last for lunch and dinner for a couple of days. I also like having something sweet, but I want something healthy, so here’s a delicious almond flour, coconut flour cookie recipe that has no gluten, sugar, or egg, and all I need is one. Yum!

This is an incredible time for practicing self-discipline and committing to personal and business development.

When else would you find the time to take a step back and really look at your approach to your business, technology,  marketing strategy, website, your effectiveness and improve so that when we are back to full operation,  and we will be, you are rested, prepared and like a fast speed locomotion ready to run down the track to success.

Yes, this is a terrifying time, but with optimism, resiliency, and discipline, we can turn something challenging into something very positive!

I am here to work with you. I know how to work strategically and quickly to help you ramp up. I have the most trusted resources and experts for websites, SEO and technology who work with me to provide you the most honest and affordable help to my clients.

As always, feel free to schedule a call to tell me what you need.

Personal/Business Development Strategist