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Small Business Results

Concept to Customer

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Your brand concept, offering, copywriting, and how it is displayed on your website is the centerpiece of all marketing.

Small Business Results-Concept to Customer

Concept to Customer

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for any period, one thing for sure is that business owners must keep their messaging, positioning, marketing, and websites meaningful and current.

This program provides a step-by-step method to guide you in achieving that goal. It will help you to articulate your brand and offering in a way that compels your audience to engage with you and lead you to more prospect interactions and more clients.

It includes our groundbreaking Business Development & Marketing Brief: a transformative 50-page document crafted through our unique AI and human expertise methodology. This brief is designed to decode the complexities of market opportunities into clear, actionable strategies, empowering you to make strategic decisions with precision and insight.

We go through a process that will be utilized on your website and will filter across all your marketing efforts!

Shelly partners with the highest-integrity and trusted web design companies to help you project manage your site development and guide you to launch one of the most compelling and articulate websites on the Internet.

Concept to Customer Details

This program includes a revenue model, brand and positioning coaching, copywriting, a website wireframe, and comes with a workbook to create and expedite the work!

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Identify streams of revenue to match financial goals


Articulate the offer so that a prospect feels like you will meet their needs.


Create compelling copy and content to be utilized on the site and for sales and marketing


Designed wireframe for how that will be displayed on your website.

Concept to Customer Packages

The Concept to Customer One to One Immersion Package

  • 10 1-hr strategy coaching sessions with Shelly Berman-Rubera, Business Strategist.
  • A concise strategic plan, complete with clear and focused goals and next steps to improve your concept and copy
  • An AI-generated Business Development and Marketing Brief
  • Laser-focused guidance as you implement your new concept and introduce it to your customers
  • A completed document ready for a website update
  • Support via email in between sessions

Your Package Investment


The Concept to Customer Group 

  • Six weeks with a weekly focus (see curriculum)
  • 2-hr interactive discussions per step
  • Includes 1 hour of private coaching per 6-week session ($275 value)
  • Full Workbook Included
  • Limited to 6 people per group
  • Start Date: TBA
  • Dates: Open Enrollement 
  • Time:  3 pm- 5 pm (est)

Your Package Investment


The Concept to Customer Workbook

This workbook will support you as you map out your revenue model, brand, and positioning. You’ll also begin plotting out your copywriting, a website wireframe that will expedite your workflow. Develop your business’ unique connection from your business concept to your ideal customer now!

Your Package Investment


Case Studies

Bonnie Low-Kramen

In March 2020, we got word that the world we were knew was being shut down due to the Covid 19 virus. Bonnie Low- Kramen, an International Assistant Trainer, was booked solid for delivering training and talks. She knew she needed to immediately find another way to reach her audience. She WANTED to launch an online course and bring her live training virtual. I was fortunate to be the business strategist she hired to determine how to do this. We often can get clear on what we WANT, which is different than what we NEED. The first step in any initiative is a thorough assessment of where we are and what we have, and what is needed to create a definitive strategic approach to reaching the goal.  In order to bring these offers, we needed to update the brand, the concepts, and the website.  The website is the hub of all marketing and must reflect the persona and lead the view to an effective user experience.

Here are before and after pictures of the website.


Concept to Customer - Business success planning client - woman owned business - female entrepreneur


Concept to Customer - Business success planning client & female entrepreneur

Twist Bakery

Creating your business model, new concept, and language combined the new design of your website is key to getting your company found online. When are have updated your concept and website, your marketing will drive your audience to greater conversion.

Twist bakery was getting ready to open a new location and this meant it was crucial to update the brand and ensure their language, concept and brand was contemporary, lead generating and reflective of their two locations and their offering.

Here are the before and after pictures of their websites.


twist bakery before


twist bakery after

Client Testimonial

I was fortunate to have met Shelly at a networking event and her powerhouse personality impressed me enough to take her group workshop, which led to working with her one-on-one. 

She has helped me grow as a leader, improve my focus, and learn invaluable techniques for getting stuff done.  I’m inherently cautious with my money and control but decided to work together with Shelly on our new website.  Not only did she lead the project, but truthfully, the website would not have turned out anywhere as well as it did without her vision, input, direction, and focus on the project.

She has incredible marketing skills, vision and is an exceptional wordsmith.  I never realized how having a business coach like Shelly could change the trajectory of my own leadership skills so much and so quickly. I am truly thankful for that fateful day when we met.  I look forward to working with her to continue to grow my company and am excited to see how far we can go together.

Kathryn Ernst
Twist Bakery

Suburban Appraisal Services

Suburban Appraisal Services is in constant demand and with very little time to put into their brand development.  One might think why bother to update the website if business is so good and their website was working, but would you want all of those prospects and clients to go to an old site and not have the brand be reflective of you in today’s world!

Here are the before and after pictures of their websites.


sa b4


suburban appraisal - business strategy coaching client

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