Success Is So Much Fun

by shelly

Success Is So Much Fun

by shelly

by shelly

What are the tools that are really working?

As I shared with you in the last email, my own marketing had fallen by the wayside while I was taking care of my client’s needs. This is embarrassing as I firmly believe in 30-day commitments to marketing.

You got to love email marketing! The results of my email blast speak for themselves, 40% of the recipients opened the email, 30% clicked through to read the blog, a colleague immediately called and asked to use the article in her blog to 4,000 readers and 3 people scheduled the

3-hour Laser Business Coaching!

I simply do not know any better way to get in front of your prospects, past clients and affiliates better than email marketing.

Seventeen years ago, I brought my daughter to her friend’s house for a playdate. It was the first time that I met the little girls Dad. Of course, we chatted, “what do you do?” He was one of the original engineers at CTCT, who created the software. ” I said, you are kidding me?” There is a way to reach all of your clients in one platform? I had a whole file cabinet of over 1,000 personal training clients and how else could I gain immediate contact with them and view the results of that outreach? And thus began my relationships with email marketing and CTCT!

SBR is named an All-Star for 2017 and is Re-Certified for 2018-2019

As a Personal and Business Development Coach, I still choose to partner with Constant Contact to provide my clients with the best online marketing products and services available. Although there are no many platforms to choose from, I remain using Constant Contact for my clients. The reasons include pricing, user-friendly editing, design, events, and automation!

Every year they recognize top-performing users with their annual All-Star Awards. I’m proud to announce that out of hundreds of thousands of customers, my work for 5 clients has earned me a 2017 All-Star Award. (and to boast just a little, I have been awarded every year for the past 6 years!)

As a Certified, Award Winning Constant Contact Provider, I can assist you to organize and segment your database to get it ready for email marketing, get you a complimentary template that matches your website so it is like emailing a live website, teach you the tricks of getting your emails opened create leads via click-throughs and teach you effective marketing strategies or I can even do all of this for you!

If you’re ready to implement award-winning online marketing services to your business contact me!

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