The Tip: Think of Marketing Like Dating for Long-Term Relationships

The Case Study:

As a business and marketing strategist, I talk to many business owners in many fields. Today, marketing tools and techniques are emerging and changing at such a rapid speed it is hard to keep up with the best strategies, or even the language. I have often mentioned terms like lead captures, autoresponder or landing pages to clients and they simply do not know what they are. They ask, “What is it, and how can that work for me and my business?”

The Outcome:

The goal of all marketing is to drive someone to your website and convert that visitor to a prospect or client. Just like in dating the goal is to attract, engage and build long-term client relationships. In dating, we begin a connection because something about a person attracted us to do so.

It begins with…


The goal of a lead capture/ landing page is to attract visitors by providing them with information they might be interested in and that could help them. Lead captures and landing pages that sit on our websites and are the best way to attract, gather names and convert a person into a prospect. Most small and medium-sized businesses have very few, if any, landing pages on their sites.

So, after the initial attraction, we then decide if we want to see that person for coffee or a drink, which guides us to know if we want any further engagement. Most prospects and visitors to a website do not buy on their visit, they need to be lead to the next step.


It’s a prime reason why you need a lead capture and landing pages. Once you have captured names you now can email them and nurture them down your sales funnel which is set up via auto-responders.  You can now continue to market them via email, phone calls, and or social media to influence them to buy from you. After we spend a little time familiarizing and we start to build the “know, like, and trust” factor, we can decide about entering a long-term relationship.

Relationship Building:

In building a relationship we start to discover how our differences and similarities can work together. How do each of us get our needs met, and how will the relationship grow, or not grow from there? Dating is time together to build and maintain a connection. In dating, where we are going and what are we doing is all part of the process.

A lead capture is a place for you to showcase and giveaway, yes, I said giveaway, information that will not only engage the reader but that will position you as an expert in your field. The potential uses for landing pages are almost limitless, but here are the more common examples of how landing pages are used:

To collect personal information (generate leads) in exchange for:

  • Reports/Whitepapers with important industry facts and statistics
  • eBooks for comprehensive guides about different aspects of your business vertical
  • Newsletters with tips related to your area of subject matter expertise
  • Podcasts for people who like to listen & learn during a commute or workout
  • Checklists/scorecards for people that like to see how well they are doing and/or benefit from to-do lists
  • Webinar registration for live online sessions, often with Q&A from experts and special guest presenters
  • Presentations or recorded sessions including videos or slides
  • Consultation services or booking meetings for someone to request your time or services
  • An e-course delivered over a period of time

If we create landing pages and offers that are directed at solving our prospect challenge, we can then also begin to see where and how we can meet the needs of our existing clients and prospects.

Landing page marketing is are just like dating. It all beings with great attraction, that leads to engagement and hopefully to a long satisfying relationship!

Are you effectively building your client relationships?

My Best,

Shelly Berman-Rubera