The Truth About Succeeding In Small Business

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Small Business Results

The Truth About Succeeding In Small Business

This program is designed to break through frustrations and understand what it takes to succeed in today’s world to achieve growth for your business.

The Truth About Succeeding In Small Business

This program is designed to break through frustrations and understand what it takes to succeed in today’s world to achieve growth for your business. Using powerful, contemporary strategies and tools, it focuses on navigating multiple priorities, key revenue sources, and marketing indicators to make sure you stay on the right track.

As a result, you will:

See The Results
  • Gain clarity about your direction
  • Establish language and marketing to propel revenue
  • Cut the learning curve to growth and development

The 6 Step Framework


Discover and gain commitment to self, product or service, marketing, and revenue

business systems for productivity and sales

Become a focused business owner with proven systems that ensure productivity and sales

market positioning and differentiation

Know exactly what you should say to position and differentiate your company and decide which marketing avenues are the right fit for you.

networking - building trust - sales

Understand the difference between networking, building trust, and sales and be successful at all three.

manage emotion - build sales relationships

Learn how to manage and leverage emotion to build sales and relationships.

accountability systems -keep on track - focused on results

Discover systems that facilitate accountability keep you on track and focused on results at a faster pace.

What Makes the Small Business Results Framework So Different?

Small Business Results Coaching helps business owners to navigate the day to day demands, as well as how to position their message strategically and market effectively so that customers clearly understand you, your business, and how you can best help them!

Small Business Results Coaching Program is taught by Shelly Berman-Rubera, creator of the “6 Steps to Small Business Results” framework. Shelly has started four businesses and has been coaching small business owners for 16 years. She truly understands the day to day challenges business owners face and speaks from experience and wisdom. Years of entrepreneurship and education allow SBR to coach and consult and speak to hundreds of businesses to help them become more productive and more efficient in running the day to day business. Her communication skills help to create language that is extremely useful in the day to day conversations and to clarifying messaging.

Business Strategy Framework
SMALL BUSINESS RESULTS business strategy framework was created as a culmination of Shelly’s life-time of coaching experiences and truly understanding how to best support the business owner. Since then she’s gone on to consult and speak to hundreds of small businesses. Shelly’s clients have dramatically increased their revenue after learning the SMALL BUSINESS RESULTS framework.

In the Small Business Results Training, you will:

  1. Learn a proven revenue formula that can be used across all of your business development efforts.
  2. See how this framework impacts the day to day challenges and systems in your business.
  3. Be able to apply the framework to your company’s messaging including websites, email blasts, and all marketing collateral.

Small Business Results will help you build or grow your business by creating commitment, focus, communication, and accountability that helps you stand out in the marketplace. Bring the Small Business Results Workshop into your business and gain great results fast!

All coaching and programs can be delivered virtually and in a variety of venues: Keynote, half-day, full-day, two-day retreat, or ongoing coaching. Call to discuss your options!

SBR Business Development Training and Coaching For Small To Medium Sized Business

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These highly customized training sessions integrate your services or products.

The intent of the programs is to be able to create focus, performance, and accountable results.


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