The Small Business Top Challenges Today

At SBR we believe in applying 30-day strategies for commitment and accountability to everything we do.

In looking at our clients’ issues every 30 days we are able to clearly understand where our small business clients are struggling or succeeding. We are then able to understand what we or they need to learn or do to address the challenges or capitalize on the success.
When we realize that our challenges are universal and not just about us, we tend to beat ourselves up less. As when we learn what is working for others, we can integrate some of that into our own businesses.
I hope what we learned this month is helpful to you!

The Top 4 Issues We Heard from Small Business Owners:

  1. I need more prospects and clients!
  2. I have no idea what parts of social media (digital marketing) are effective for my business
  3. I feel like most of my efforts have very little return.
  4. I am so isolated and feel like I am working all the time.

The Top 4 Solutions to Success for Small Businesses:

1. Hands down, it’s all about customer service.

You must be outstanding at your craft. Your clients must feel taken care of and listened to and feel you are a trusted resource. Our clients that have the most open rate in their email marketing, the most reviews, and the most return business are those whose clients simply love what they receive!

2. Be able to clearly and succinctly understand your business concept:What do you do and how does it serve your customer. It is the courage to sell one thing clearly with the trust that that one thing will lead to many other.  Create a mental image of them and make sure your marketing messages and content speak specifically to them.
Remember – you cannot be everything to everybody but you can be something to someone!!
3. Attract and stay in front of your ideal client.
Depending on who your customer is, some marketing methods will work better than others. Once you develop your customer profile, you can figure how to reach them specifically. The more niche-focused your business is in the marketplace, the easier it is to reach your market. 

Order of importance for marketing pieces after Clear Messaging and Positioning:

  • Develop a great, mobilized website targeting your client.  The site is about them first! In today’s internet, your site is one of millions. It is crucial to have a great site because all other sales and marketing efforts will lead them to it
  • Well-branded social media platforms and a strategic approach for attraction and visibility.  It is how you are being seen and found
  • Content marketing/ Email Marketing, Surveys, Promotions. Email marketing done well is still the most effective way to stay in touch.
  • Become a thought leader/expert in your field. It’s all about providing valuable content to stay in front of people and connected to build and maintain relationships. 

If you are not in front of your potential client, then you are invisible!

4.  Keep  your database in order and up to date.
Your best revenue exists directly in your existing database Your best opportunity to generate more revenue is to upsell an existing customer. The best way to upsell customers is to keep in touch with them. A satisfied client wants to learn and buy more from you and is very happy to refer you. This is called client engagement! 
We encourage you to print out these four solutions and take a close look at your own business. Which of these do you need to strengthen, which are effective? 
top solutions for small business success
Our Concept to Customer offering addresses these challenges and solutions. The combination of Shelly and Susan’s strengths bring together the answers and the results you are looking for.
If you feel how our clients are feeling, let us help you!
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