Truth About Succeeding In Coaching Today

I have spent my entire professional life as a successive entrepreneur and speaker; running businesses, consulting, and coaching others to successfully navigate a variety of challenges from day-to-day, growing business demands.  This equates to over 30 years of highly relevant experiences and lessons on how to succeed in today’s business world.  More than ever, I am convinced that what is needed right now is a strategic and smart approach.

the truth about succeeding in coaching today

As a result, I developed an experience-based strategic framework for coaches and small business owners.  “The Truth About Succeeding in Coaching Today” is a “6 Step Framework” that cuts to the heart of the matter by helping business owners overcome three main issues they face; a sense of isolation, feeling overwhelmed, and lack of a revenue generating model.  By providing strategies to deal with these issues, you are freed to focus on and address your immediate growth demands to help you and your company move forward.

The ‘6 Steps to Small Business Results Framework’ helps attendees to commit to themselves and their business success, focus on daily results, differentiate themselves and market their business, create effective business relationships, manage the emotional side of business, and create a system of accountability to achieve greater success.

As a small business consultant engaging in countless conversations with owners and coaches, I am deeply attuned to the struggles that you face on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Not only are these issues caused by trying to wear the hats of sales, marketing, finance, IT, and operations, but to a greater extent by your exposure to continually changing market trends with increased information, greater reliance on technology, tougher marketplace competition, and the current escalating business climate complexities.

Two major factual realities I have witnessed are…

  • How we need information condensed in ways easily digestible and relevant to today’s challenges that won’t interfere with us getting done what needs to be done on a daily basis.
  • We need human engagement and when we bring a group of like-minded professionals together we learn, grow, and get inspired!


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Looking forward to helping you bring your business visions to reality!

Shelly Berman-Rubera


Shelly is committed to teaching you exactly what to do or can alternatively execute on your behalf. As a serial entrepreneur, she has hands-on experience and wisdom to move you quickly towards your desired results. She is an inspiring strategist and brilliant wordsmith, believing that what we say and how we say it, ultimately compels others to engage with us. Shelly is considered one of the top business coaches in today’s business world.