What You Need To Do Right Now – Stand Up and Stand Out

Now and in the coming weeks, so many more of us will be online trying to create new strategies to build our business and to work virtually. We as a nation, community, and business culture must learn how to adapt quickly, problem solve, and find ways to remain Vital, and Visible, to ensure that we continue to build revenue. We need to be smart and action-oriented.

Two weeks ago, I was working with my client Dr. David Helfand, a Relationship and Stress Management Expert; we were strategizing about what to do because he was booked two to three months in advance: what would we do with new clients that were coming in that needed the service now?

Within 48 hours, we had to come up with an entirely new strategy to bring the company virtual because he no longer could see clients in person. I immediately came up with a checklist of what we needed to do. Luckily, he is technically savvy enough to have taken these suggestions and made all these changes within 4 hours to set the course for the new direction.

As a result, within 24 hours, Dr. Helfand was booked with 19 virtual clients for the following week as well as a two-day virtual Couples retreat.

Here are the seven things I suggest businesses do right now; 

If you uncheck all the boxes in this infographic, you will be able to strategically work on the list one by one and track your progress.

SBR – Must Do Now Checklist

Notification Bar

A notification bar is a plugin for your website that allows you to make announcements and generate lead captures. (See here)

Google My Business

This is a business essential, and many businesses have not claimed their listing. Now is the time to get this done, and if you have one, then update it now. Let your audience know what you are up to.

Google My Business is a tool for website owners to manage online presence across Google, including search and Map. It allows you to create, verify, and edit listing information to help potential customers find your business. It also directly improves the SEO of your website and helps it rank better. Now is an excellent time to ask clients to post testimonials on that page.


LinkedIn is the number one place for B to B marketing. Its search engine power will help you to show up higher in the SEO. I have made numerous great connections there. It is time to update your profile and add documents, videos, and pictures.

Email Marketing

I strongly feel that email marketing is more critical today than ever because you really have no other way to reach your audience directly. If you’re ready to do email marketing, you can sign up through me. The promotion right now is 30% off for three months. And by the way, this a great time to get your database in order, which most people tell me is a mess, and they have no time to pay attention to it. I suggest that you create an Excel spreadsheet with segmented lists that includes past and present client’s, prospects, family, friends, and affiliates.

Concept to Customer

People will now be buying for very different reasons, pivoting your business model and a new strategy includes new positioning and language for how you introduce yourself and how you talk about your business. It is critical to align your offering with what the prospects and clients need now. I can help you with this in my package “Concept to Customer”.


I am not a website designer or developer, nor do I sell websites, but I do know that the compelling, articulate, simple language and copy-writing combined with a great design for your website is critical. All marketing leads to the website. I can’t impress upon you enough what it means to have your concept, copy, and website up to date. Now is the time to do this!


The activity on social media is greater than it has ever been. The use of video now is more important than ever to give your brand a face and a voice. I know it is hard to do. I am forcing myself to do it.

  • 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool – up from 63% over the last year.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.
  • Videos attach 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads.

I have created a new offering entitled “Interview Video Marketing” and am able to help you get a video of you and some client testimonials done for your site and marketing. Check it out here!

Don’t forget your interactive checklist for these seven items to strategically work on the list one by one and track your progress.

Get Your Checklist Here!

I know there’s a curve of learning for each one of us, and you may be able to implement these steps, but if not, I can help you. You can book time with me, and we will get it done quickly.

I feel strongly that there will be two ways of which business owners will deal with this period of time, one is to sit and let this time pass and just think that we will go back to work as usual. The second is to laser focus on the areas in our business that we never have the opportunity to do when we are so busy working.

Going back to work after this pandemic is really not the same as going back to work after a vacation; the marketplace is different, the needs for each of us will be different, and how you show up needs to be different.

I am here to help you succeed.

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