Zoomed Out – Zoomed In: Midsummer SBR news

I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe and adjusting to what I refuse to call the new normal. Wow, what six months this has been for us, both personally and professionally. I am pleased that I am busy at work and certainly grateful for being a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer during these unprecedented times.

Emotions are running high as we operate our business and live with the new demands.  As if running a business isn’t hard enough, this is certainly pushing us to find new coping mechanisms. In-person meetings are moved virtual, and to Zoom at home. We find ourselves in a fixed position, in a chair, and on a screen for hours at a time, and we need to deal with that to prevent being Zoomed out.

Many people are not comfortable being on Zoom, but I believe we have to learn how to accept this is a very new meaningful way of communication. I made this short video with my colleague videographer Anne Bost to help you with your own Zoom set up and make you feel better on the camera.

Some of us are feeling Zoomed in and fine WFH and seem to be more productive and focused on learning how to work in new ways and pivot the business. We need strategies for both handlings being Zoomed Out and Zoomed In. I hope the following will help.


When making your schedule, try to have at least 30 minutes between zoom calls. Get up stretch, move your body, do 50 jumping jacks. Get the circulation and the blood going, group zoom calls, pick mornings to do zoom and afternoons no zoom, pick particular days on and off, and try to get a good chair. ( if you find one let me know)


Never before has picking a target audience had more significant meaning for your prospects. They must look at your LinkedIn profile and website and any marketing assets and know immediately who you work with and what outcome they can expect from you. Once you have that concretely, you can set about making a specific marketing strategy and copywriting that will attract new prospects and maintain clients.

I am inviting you to a complimentary call to answer your challenges. Please schedule here, and let’s get you some answers. 

Shelly Berman-Rubera