Accelerate Your Business Growth This Summer with Small Business Results

In the small business world, the concept of summer breaks and vacations may seem like a distant memory from our childhood. Unlike traditional school breaks, entrepreneurs understand that the business world doesn’t stop just because the sun is shining and beaches beckon. Instead, summer becomes an opportune time to shift gears, capitalize on the season’s unique advantages, and strategically prepare for the last quarter of the year.

While summer may hold nostalgic memories of carefree childhood breaks, the small business world operates with a different rhythm. Rather than stepping back, small business owners and entrepreneurs can embrace the advantages this season brings and use it as a catalyst for growth. By maintaining momentum, reflecting and refining, investing in professional development, nurturing client relationships, and strategically planning for the last quarter, entrepreneurs can seize the opportunity to make this summer a transformative period that sets the stage for future success.


Embracing Continuous Momentum:

As entrepreneurs, we know that pursuing success demands continuous effort and momentum. While others may take a step back during the summer, small business owners can gain a competitive edge by maintaining focus and dedication. By leveraging this uninterrupted period, entrepreneurs can make significant progress toward their business goals while competitors may be caught in the season’s lull.

Reflecting and Refining:

Summer provides a natural juncture to reflect on the progress made thus far and evaluate areas requiring refinement. It is a time to review your business strategies, analyze performance metrics, and identify opportunities for improvement. By taking the time to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and market trends, you can make informed decisions on how to adapt and refine your approach moving forward.

Investing in Professional Development:

With potentially fewer distractions and a slightly slower pace, summer offers a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in their professional development. Consider attending industry conferences, workshops, or training sessions that can expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and provide fresh perspectives on business growth. By dedicating time to learning and self-improvement, you position yourself to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Nurturing Client Relationships:

Summer is a season when many individuals and businesses are more relaxed and open to networking and collaboration. It’s an ideal time to strengthen existing client relationships and foster new connections. Consider organizing casual networking events, client appreciation activities, or even team-building outings that allow you to engage with clients and partners in a more relaxed and enjoyable setting. Building and nurturing these relationships during the summer months can yield profitable opportunities in the final quarter and beyond.

Planning for the Last Quarter:

While summer may evoke thoughts of sun-soaked vacations, it’s also an opportune time to plan for the last quarter of the year strategically. By assessing the market landscape, reviewing past performance, and setting clear objectives, you can position your business for a solid finish for the year. Use this time to refine your marketing campaigns, develop new products or services, and align your team around shared goals. A well-thought-out plan will enable you to hit the ground running when the busy season picks up again.

If you’re looking to maximize your business potential this summer, I am offering two exceptional avenues to propel your growth:

This not-to-be-missed opportunity, Complimentary Accelerate Your Business Growth session on June 13th, from 10-11 am.

This interactive Q&A session, led by renowned business strategist Shelly Berman-Rubera will provide a chance to directly engage with a small business expert and gain valuable insights tailored to your specific business challenges. Whether you have burning questions about scaling your operations, optimizing your marketing strategy, or improving sales, this session is designed to address your pressing concerns and provide practical solutions.

In the May Q&A, one attendee got an answer to pricing and packing, tweaked his website, and closed two new clients!

STARTING on June 29th, The Accelerate Your Business Strategy, Focus, Accountability Group 

I understand that the journey of small business ownership and entrepreneurship can be both exciting and challenging. I have developed the Accelerate Your Business Growth Strategy Focus Accountability Group to support them in their quest for success. This group provides a powerful platform for collaboration, gaining contemporary skills, and accountability, all essential elements for accelerating business growth.

By joining the Strategy Focus Accountability Group, you gain access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are determined to make significant strides in their businesses. Through bi-monthly meetings, facilitated discussions, and expert guidance from Shelly, you can tap into valuable insights, innovative strategies, and actionable steps to overcome obstacles and drive your business forward.

Summer is the perfect time to seize the opportunity for growth. Don’t let the season’s lull hold you back. Invest in yourself, nurture client relationships, refine your strategies, and plan for the last quarter. Act today and join us for these transformative events that will set the stage for your future success. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now and get ready to Accelerate Your Business Growth This Summer.

Shelly is committed to teaching you exactly what to do or can alternatively execute on your behalf. As a serial entrepreneur, she has hands-on experience and wisdom to move you quickly towards your desired results. She is an inspiring strategist and brilliant wordsmith, believing that what we say and how we say it, ultimately compels others to engage with us. Shelly is considered one of the top business coaches in today’s business world.