Get More Prospects, Clients, and Revenue With A Concept Differentiating Statement

Get More Prospects, Clients, and Revenue With A Concept Differentiating Statement

I am sure you know that simply changing the words we use can seriously change the results we get in any form of communication. Working on language, framing, and how things are said is something that I do every day in my business coaching practice. It is so rewarding to see the results we obtain by changing the way we articulate our writing, our conversations, our marketing strategy plans, and our presentations.

Based on my experience, when we grasp the proper language, it’s as if the flood gates of possibilities come forward. One of the most rewarding benefits I see is the immediate strengthened belief in the client’s self and own offerings.

When we understand how to frame our words people respond to us differently. By tailoring our statements to clearly define the who and outcomes guarantees to generate a higher level of attraction.

Here is the foundation – your value proposition / concept differentiation statement:

get more prospectsWhether you call it a concept, a value proposition, a concept differentiation statement, a defining statement or an elevator pitch, the statement must express the tangible results a customer gets from using your products or services. It speaks to the critical issues your targeted buyer faces as well as the outcomes they will obtain from you.

Many business owners confuse the who and the outcomes with how it is delivered and quickly lose the interest of the listener or viewer. In short, your product or service is simply the vehicle or “the how.” Prospects and clients only care about the results the product or service delivers, and a strong statement will convey that message. It lets people know that working with you will make a difference and can help them achieve their objectives.

When we finally craft a compelling concept statement we use them to develop highly effective websites, phone or email messages that highlight your buyers’ primary issues/challenges and the key business results that your product, service or solution addresses, educational and engaging presentations, customized proposals, and targeted sales and marketing initiatives.

Most businesses need more than one as there is not one single value proposition that will serve all of you target audiences or offerings. You may have multiple ones, depending on:

  • Who you are meeting with: People in different industries can care about different things, even when you’re talking about the same product or service.
  • The organization you are looking to do business with: Different industries, varying financial situations, emerging trends and places in their business, recent trigger events.
  • What you’re selling: The various products/services you sell can have totally different outcomes … so it’s imperative to know your focus.

When you truly understand the issues you are solving and the business value you bring to customers, and you feel completely comfortable with the language you need to communicate, you work harder to obtain new business.

At SBR we call these statements your Concept Differentiating Statements. I encourage you to examine your statements and your current offers and how they are reflected on your website, in your conversations, and in your marketing. How effective is it? How can you improve it? Do you want more conversations and sales?

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